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Can I TRICK you into getting ASMR? (placebo tingles, hand movements, anticipatory, lying)(asmr)
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765,172 Views • Nov 20, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Date of upload: Nov 20, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

tingle edging is crazy

5K |


1 month ago

The concept of Gaslighting someone into GETTING TINGLES is just hysterical to me. Thank you for this excellent idea.

1.4K |


3 months ago

the lying trigger is so powerful! surely whenever someone lies to me now in person… I should get tingles. I’ve basically become the human lie detector, thank you for letting me discover this ultimate asmr power

5.1K |


3 months ago

We can't keep letting her getting away with this blatant tomfoolery and bamboozlement. It's unacceptable.

2.9K |


2 months ago

This just proves my body runs on pure spite, i havent had good tingles in years and then someone says "dont get tingles" and my whole scalp starts tingling😂

715 |


2 months ago

I've become basically immune to tingles, they happen like once a month. Then i stumbled across this video tonight and essentially got gaslit into experiencing them again. Thank you, but also thank you?

1.2K |


2 months ago

I think you are the first ASMRtist to ever come close to how Heather Feather used to make her videos. The complete natural way in which you talk, move, and make sounds, this original idea for a video, the balance in your volume and speed and between whispers and normal talking is just absolutely perfect. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something like this!

1.2K |


3 months ago

You can't trick me into tingles if fall right asleep to your relaxing voice!

2.1K |


3 months ago

While I didn't get proper tingles, I did notice a sort of.. "anticipatory" sort of feeling? A few moments where, when she says "don't tingle" while making hand gestures and/or sounds I can almost start to feel a few hairs stand up somewhere on the back of my head. I very rarely get anything but wonderful relaxation from ASMR, even after so many years, so it felt nice.

632 |


2 months ago

Tingle edging. Very interesting. Very tingley.

776 |


2 months ago

you're like an animated character i'm so fascinated by you

75 |


3 months ago

I LOVE almost every video because to me it looks like it’s just a floating head speaking to me and that’s honestly more relaxing to me than the actual asmr ☠️

455 |


3 months ago

This might be weird but I love the lighting and how the way it's set up makes her fingers shadowy when she pokes at the camera.

212 |


3 months ago

I love being told how wrong and delulu I am in placebo studies. Really gives those last tingles the extra umph!

1K |


1 month ago

“tingles” no longer feels like a real word with a real meaning, but what a unique concept for asmr ! thanks for the great video :)

23 |


2 months ago

The way my smile faded as i read the words "tingle edging" in the comments 😕

24 |


2 months ago

I think this is the most tingles I’ve ever gotten in an asmr video in my entire life

65 |


3 months ago

9:25 You cant fool me. That invisible bouncy ball IS my head, and nothing you say can convince me otherwise

22 |


3 months ago

Aaaaah. It's frustrating how well this works. Most tingles I've had in a good while.

152 |


1 month ago

Can't even edge to this, tingled IMMEDIATELY! Cleanup on aisle... My EARS!!

28 |

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