SPACES: Inside the No-Frills Norway Flat Where girl in red Exports Self-Love Across the Internet
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Loud-and-proud bangers. Lyrics about love without labels. girl in red’s songs have spread just about everywhere the internet touches in two short years, and they all trace back home to Horten and Oslo, where the artist-producer creates thoughtful songs to mosh to with a $150 mic. Press play on the latest SPACES to see where the music behind the mania gets made.


Gear costs dropped, the internet took off, and nothing has been the same since. Artists today have more control over how and where they create than ever before. SPACES shines AWAL’s spotlight on the many places musicians make magic.

AWAL is Kobalt’s answer to the traditional record label, powering music’s next generation of artists and entrepreneurs - on their own terms.

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Video Credits:
Director: David Mendel
Producer: David Mendel
Producer: Jesse Feister
Director of Photography: Martin Bremnes
Additional videography and photography: Isak Jensen
Editor: Cam Kelly
Sound Recordist: Helge Bodøgaard
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AWAL is a British music distribution company owned by Sony Music Entertainment. The company serves as an alternative to the traditional music label deal, offering deal structures to artists and independent labels without them giving up ownership or control. In 2021, Sony Music Entertainment purchased AWAL from Kobalt Music Group for $430m.

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cried when the crowd was singing literally wtf i love her

3 years ago - 515 Likes

Lumi x

marie screaming into the megaphone was iconic lmaoo love her

3 years ago - 344 Likes

Juno V.

as someone in the closet, screaming along to Girls at her show in may was so freeing.

3 years ago - 539 Likes

Dreary Deary

Marie is literally the best friend that everyone needs.

3 years ago - 148 Likes

matty healy king

i really can’t believe how good she is at doing what she does

3 years ago - 114 Likes


Making music should be a thing everyone can do.
For me, drumming is a chill moment

Music is a beautiful thing

Bye bye why do i say this lmao

3 years ago - 155 Likes


i love her so much i’m gonna cry

3 years ago - 219 Likes


I‘m just truly deeply proud of her

3 years ago - 76 Likes


I love Marie I’m so happy she’s getting the recognition she deserves

3 years ago - 53 Likes

sincerity is scary

"she so pretty it hurts" 🏳️‍🌈

3 years ago - 281 Likes


О, да, Россия - страна талантов

3 years ago - 15 Likes

Natasha James

I found her music really helped me to accept my sexuality with myself, like I knew that I liked girls and that but I was still getting to grips with the idea of being pansexual but now I’m much more open and ok about it cause her music helped me so much in properly accepting and processing my feelings to be were I am now, confident in my sexuality

2 years ago - 6 Likes

Kimberly Martinez

I’m so proud of Marie’s accomplishments. I’ve been listening to her for a while now and I think her music is something a lot of people can relate to, which is why so many people, including myself, love her. ❤️

3 years ago - 9 Likes


Marie is one of the only lesbian idols and we all can actually relate and Im in love

3 years ago - 40 Likes

nuggey uwu

I love Marie so much I love it when artists bop to their own music because it really shows just how much they love what they've created and love what their doing

3 years ago - 11 Likes

Vanessa Sanchez

I would give anything for this to be longer

3 years ago - 30 Likes

E Strange

Her voice is so pretty it hurts :,)
I am so proud to see how far you have come, I've been listening to girl in red for about a little over a year now and her surge in popularity has been amazing to witness

3 years ago - 12 Likes

lauren stark

she makes feel happy to be me, and all the music that i feel safe to hurt to; I’m so in love with her I feel it in my chest <3

3 years ago - 22 Likes


I love how she embraces the live performance aspects of the recording, and the ‘release’

3 years ago - 3 Likes


everything she’s done has meant so so much to my gay ass :’)

3 years ago - 30 Likes