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The War Within Date Announce Cinematic | Echoes of Azeroth | World of Warcraft
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723,422 Views • Jun 9, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Throughout the ages, mighty heroes have risen to defend Azeroth. Now, at the dawn of a new saga, the darkness calls from the very heart of the world.

World of Warcraft: The War Within launches August 26 at 3pm PDT. Be the first to answer the call with Early Access by pre-purchasing the Epic Edition: shop.battle.net/product/world-of-warcraft-the-war-…

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Views : 723,422
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Date of upload: Jun 9, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 days ago

20 years just flashed before my eyes

4.2K |


5 days ago

"The final battle." part one of ten

2.1K |


5 days ago

it still shocks me how insanly good that cgi was on first trailer so detailed on the dwarf and the hair of bear

1.8K |


5 days ago

"The final battle", said literally every single expansion baddie in existance.

726 |


5 days ago

"The Darkness Calls" Me: Picks up the phone "Hello darkness my old friend..."

3.3K |


5 days ago

the 'final battle' draws near? are you sure about that? bet

2.3K |


5 days ago

so we shadow priest really had the strongest weapon

821 |


4 days ago

"CHAMPION!, gEt Me SoME mOAr AzEriTe"

48 |


5 days ago

The HD version of the old trailers were absolutely beautiful ❤️

1.9K |


4 days ago

Literally no one: Blizzard for the last 5 expansions: THE FINAL BATTLE IS UPON US!

133 |


3 days ago

Of all the WoW expansions, this one will be the most recent

21 |


5 days ago

"The world soul shall be mine!" 25 Raid group: "Guys she didn't get the memo"

259 |


3 days ago

Half the trailer "nostalgia bait." The other half "check boxes."

134 |


4 days ago

2:06 Paladins straight outta compton dawg, homies healer left for milk and never came back

11 |


3 days ago

Nothing can beat the first WoW cinematic: the quality, the atmosphere, the creativity 😌.

12 |


5 days ago

Turns out Xal'atath was actually the creator of the jailor and her real name is... THE WARDEN. dun dun dunnn

26 |


5 days ago

August 26? We are not prepared!

542 |


4 days ago


35 |


5 days ago

Jailor was Xalathas's master plan

419 |


4 days ago

The FInal battle, before the next final battle, before that final battle, of the final battles, final battle

10 |

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