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⚡️Fanum aka JustFanum

⚡️Duke aka Duke Dennis

⚡️Agent aka Agent 00

⚡️Davis aka ImDavisss

⚡️ Kai aka Kai Cenat

⚡️Chris aka chrisnxtdoor
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Views : 14,413,017
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Apr 3, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


10 months ago

I like how at first they're like "yay we got the racist", but then they realize "oh shit he's racist"

85K |


5 months ago

I feel like agent is the only one who can have a proper conversation when it comes to stuff like this.

7.7K |


2 months ago

I love how number 3 was looking at number 4 whenever he was talking, he looked so flabbergasted and his mouth was wide open is shock😭😭

318 |


3 months ago

bros : “we hired 5 paid actors”

the girl : “i never been in front of a camera”

1.4K |


6 months ago

I love how everyone is arguing and then there’s Kai just chilling Layin down on the table 😭😭💀

5.4K |


3 months ago

The way Kai said “does he look like a thug?” Had me dying😭😭

89 |


8 months ago

Bros invited “racist” people and then got surprised when they were racist😂😂

10K |


6 months ago

I’m glad how they actually was having a logical conversation and not just throwing insults besides all the interrupting and baiting questions.

8.8K |


3 months ago

Respect to Davis at 24:10 for telling them to let him talk instead of interrupting him.

1.5K |


3 months ago

He may be a racist but he was honestly spitting facts

952 |


5 months ago

this was a good watch, but i honestly hope that if they decide to do this again, that it is organized and not everyone is speaking all at once and all chaotic lol

2.4K |


3 months ago

I actually hope this guys gets another chance on a serious podcast or on jubilee or something. He has valid points and while its not good to totally generalize, he seems like he was trying to be sincere with things and probably would have even had a little change of perception if granted the right type of conversation with more mature, patient, and intelligent people in a safer setting.

674 |


3 months ago

Y’all just made him 100x more racist 😂

3.9K |


4 months ago

Honestly, as a black man, I’d have more respect for that “racist” than the other clowns at the table. He was honest and respectful. I definitely don’t agree with him fully, but him and I could have a conversation and we would both probably walk away liking each other.

1.1K |


4 months ago

It's hard to communicate properly with 7 people sharing opinions at once. Would love to see an intelligent one on one version of this

865 |


3 months ago

they made them selves look very uneducated by not even being capable of having a civil and respectful conversation

351 |


6 months ago

I knew it was him by his energy alone. They are sneaky the handshake was nothing. they've learned how to mask it for when they are alone. But Kai had me dying at the end bruh was on the chair. Standing on the table then laying down I was hoping next time they showed him he would have a blanket. 😂😂😂

3.3K |


1 week ago

Bros clutching a 1v6 💀💀💀

1 |


8 months ago

I’m CRYING at the side eyes the other contestants gave when the racist was giving his explanation 💀

25K |


6 months ago

I like how yall can just laugh and dont have any counter arguments

374 |

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