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53 Views • Jul 11, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
PTI vs PMLN | Patwari vs Youthia | Omni Boy
#trending #omniboy #youtube #viral #pti #pmln

This video is about politics of Pakistan, basically the two known parties of Pakistan pti and pmln, pti leader Imran Khan and pmln leader shahbaz sharif, and now two supporters one is from pti known as youthia and other is from pmln patwari fight each other as these are from opposite parties. In the end they hear the news of samaa tv in which both parties leaders imran khan and nawaz sharif (ex prime minister) are making settlements on peace.
Omni Boy
#trending #youtube #viral #omniboy #omni #pti #pmln #imrankhan #nawazsharif #shahbazsharif #pmln #politics #pakistan #primeminister #parties #politicalnews #patwari #youthias #youthiascurrentaffairs #leadership #shahbazsharif #nawazsharif #fight #samaatv #samaatvlive #opposition #opposition_leader #exprimeminister #settlements #peace
This video is uploaded by Omni Boy
It is a funny video, this does not mean to harm anyone's emotions.
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