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Myriad Celestia Trailer — "Presently, Beneath a Shared Sky of Stars" | Honkai: Star Rail
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1,146,534 Views • Jun 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
"Article 1 of Glamoth's military regulations: Knights should feel honored to be born."

English Voice:
AR-26710 & SAM — Analesa Fisher & Adin Rudd
AR-214 & SAM — Meggie-Elise & Adin Rudd
AR-53935 & SAM — Anne Yatco & Adin Rudd
AR-1368 & SAM — Kelsey Jaffer & Adin Rudd

Chinese Voice-Over Video:    • 《崩坏:星穹铁道》千星纪游PV:「此刻,在同一片星空下」  
Japanese Voice-Over Video:    • 【崩壊:スターレイル】千の星を巡る紀行PV「今、同じ星空の下で」  
Korean Voice-Over Video:    • 별무리 기행 PV: 「지금 이 순간, 같은 별하늘 아래」| 〈붕괴:...  

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Date of upload: Jun 10, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 days ago

I like how Fireflies have different voice actors but for SAM its just "Adin Rudd" "Adin Rudd" "Adin Rudd" "Adin Rudd"

20K |


4 days ago

Erudition SAM Preservation SAM Destruction SAM Hunt SAM

10K |


4 days ago

Time to start saving for Glasses-Firefly, ShorthairBoy-Firefly and ShorthairGirl-Firefly

3.1K |


4 days ago

"You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies~"

1.8K |


4 days ago

"I wish us all a triumphant return" editor's note : they did not make a triumphant return

11K |


4 days ago

Article 1: All SAM must be equipped with speaker that play Nevermore whenever making an entrance

7.5K |


4 days ago

Next times Adin Rudd is on stream I'll say to him: "I really like your performances as SAM, SAM, SAM and SAM"

806 |


1 day ago

Coming back here after Firefly's most recent trailer hurts 😢

73 |


4 days ago

Firefly’s past, featuring Adin Rudd

5.8K |


4 days ago

Firefly Type-V is literally SAM's original concept design

4.8K |


3 days ago

May all those pulling for Firefly/Sam have a triumphant victory

928 |


4 days ago

Everyone sees: "Male firefly!" What i see: "Nagisa !"

891 |


4 days ago

I love how every SAM is also voiced by Adin Rudd

4.4K |


4 days ago

Main System: Activating Combat Mode.

7.2K |


2 days ago

I absolutely love Myriad celestial trailers. They're all so amazing

26 |


4 days ago

3:27 Please be playable Please be playable Please be playable Please be playable

642 |


4 days ago

This is an exact Evangelion reference, along with a story about Firefly's past, which is great

4.8K |


4 days ago

"Look at you, AR-26710... You found love in this universe..."

2.2K |


2 days ago

It felt like watching a movie. Only that I’m not sobbing

21 |


3 days ago

Thanks Hoyo now I want a full Firefly/Sam team

32 |

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