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WWDC 2024 Recap: Is Apple Intelligence Legit?
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5,150,189 Views • Jun 11, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Apple dropped new software for iPhone, iPad, AI way more. This is everything you need to know.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Vision Pro
2:22 iOS 18 Features and Mess
6:00 AirPods, AppleTV, WatchOS
6:44 iPadOS 18 and the Calculator
9:34 MacOS Sequoia
10:29 What is Apple Intelligence? (AI)
14:48 AI vs Privacy
17:02 Final Thoughts
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Views : 5,150,189
Genre: Science & Technology
Date of upload: Jun 11, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 days ago

that math notes is pretty sick ngl

19K |


4 days ago

They just named their AI, AI. Well played apple.

28K |


9 hours ago

"Reading from a Samsung S24"- Classic MKBHD

119 |


2 days ago

having more subs than Apple is a insane flex.

63 |


3 days ago

This man can even make a hotel room look cinematic.

4.7K |


3 days ago

how this guy manages to make a hotel room look like a professional set is beyond me

6.2K |


9 hours ago

The fact that they added the calculator to the iPad and were applauding about it is the most apple thing

144 |


9 hours ago

The lighting and video quality of this video blows my effing mind. If I filmed in a hotel room it would, for sure, look like a hostage video.

101 |


3 days ago

I am getting serious flashbacks to your April fools joke a while back. 6 years ago: MKBHD - “Hey Bixby answer this math question” Bixby - “Ok Google answer this math question” 2024: MKBHD - “Hey Siri answer this question for me” Siri - “Hey Chat GPT answer this question for me”

5.4K |


3 days ago

We'll never know whether that "Happy Birthday" text was scheduled in advance now.

887 |


2 days ago

Not gonna lie, i’m surprised Apple finally folded and let us put our icons wherever we want

611 |


1 day ago

iPhones suddenly looking like early 2000s mobile themes.

209 |


3 days ago

The fact that I can schedule a txt to my boss telling him I won’t be making it to work that morning without having to wake up early is next level

774 |


3 days ago

I have literally been waiting a decade to 'ruin' my iPhone homescreen :)

4.7K |


2 days ago

The applause for the icons moving on the Home Screen was definitely a "finally!" Moment. Been waiting for this since pretty much day one.

185 |


2 days ago

The warm lighting of this video is one of your best IMO, Marques :)

46 |


3 days ago

We got a calculator on the ipad before gta 6 💀 Edit: Dang first time getting over 1k

1.8K |


3 days ago

Thank you for summarizing a 2 hour presentation into 20 minutes. Awesome video!

748 |


2 days ago

Congrats on your 19M subscribers! That's half the population of Canada. Great job and keep the awesome content coming! Cheers from the great white north!

17 |


9 hours ago

The "math notes" is the coolest thing I've seen this morning. Holy wanna know more about AWT37X too bro

89 |

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