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Trio Flawless MASTER Kings Fall - Season of The Wish
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702 Views • Apr 12, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Totems simulator is fun :)
We would of cleared a lot sooner but my game froze on our first time getting to Oryx in a flawless run, we ended up clearly 2nd try to Oryx in a flawless run with no crashes this time luckily.

Huge GGs to my teammates Illumiti and Tav.
Illumiti's POV:    • Trio Flawless Master Kings Fall  
Tav's POV:

Totems dim.gg/nz2q6hy/MTFKF-TOTEMS
Warpriest Aeons dim.gg/2mfb5aq/MTFKF-WARPRIEST-AEONS
Warpriest Ammo dim.gg/y7xvzby/mtfkf-WARPRIEST-AMMO-PICK-UP
Warpriest Damage dim.gg/pyw63la/MTFKF-WARPRIEST-DAMAGE

Golgoroth dim.gg/fgsggiq/MTFKF-GOLGOROTH
Daughters Ads dim.gg/6zcuaua/MTFKF-DAUGHTERS-ADS
Daughters Damage dim.gg/5el2eva/MTFKF-DAUGHTERS-DAMAGE

Oryx Aeons dim.gg/wbc2oiq/MTFKF-ORYX-AEONS
Oryx Ads dim.gg/txu7p2i/MTFKF-ORYX-ADS
Oryx Damage dim.gg/e6s222a/MTFKF-ORYX-DAMAGE

start 0:00
totems 7:05
warpriest 14:45
golgoroth 32:30
daughters 45:50
oryx 58:40
oryx final stand 1:10:04

Trio Flawless MASTER Kings Fall Raid - Destiny 2 Lightfall - Season of the Wish - Strand Titan Banner of War Build - Flawless Destiny 2 PVE Raid - Whisper of the Worm - Into The Light
#destiny2 #kingsfall #flawless #seasonofthewish #lightfall #challenge #trio #destiny2raid
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