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Metadata And Engagement

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girl in red

why the fuck is there an awkward fade at the beginning tho

2 years ago - 2.6K Likes

Dilara Köken

Girl in red : it's boring content

Me, a student who has a shit ton of work to do : Work gotta wait coz we have some extra good content heeeeeeeeere

2 years ago - 2.2K Likes

Emilia Sjöholm

Girl In Red:
"This is going to be boring..."
Everyone else:
"This is the definition of fun!"

❤😜 Love Ya' Marie!

2 years ago - 450 Likes

i HATE strawberry’s

everything she says is quotable and ICONIC

2 years ago - 268 Likes

Bennett Stoltz

I wish she could do vlogs like this all the time, she was such an inspiration for me when I came out and started dating my first partners, i used to listen to all her songs and i never knew how normal any part of my sexuality was...girl in red or (Marie?) (idk which is proper) helped me a lot with accepting myself and wanting to actually be myself. I wish we could see moreeeee but I love all your content and i cant wait to see how far you go!

2 years ago - 182 Likes

katie jaksa

she looks 15 years old and she's 20. i legit thought she was a teenager...

2 years ago - 2.2K Likes

Anna Gasser

that should be her next song, hey i'm bored

2 years ago - 1.5K Likes


Marie, I seriously adore you and I care about you so I wanna know everything. I hope you're okey. Loveeeeeeeee youuuu (seriously, you're probably my favourite human being), be safe, be happy, drink water and sleep well ♡

2 years ago - 146 Likes

Isabel Walters

I literally just discovered u a few days ago and your songs have really brought my sad ass some comfort lmao

2 years ago - 81 Likes

Hameru, Gumi and the vocaloid fandom

"u might be in her dms but I'm in her head when she listens to girl in red"

2 years ago - 822 Likes

Faith Vd

I love you so much and want to thank you for everything you've done. You have helped me and so many other woman come to terms with their sexuality. Your music gives us the representation that we desire in the music world. Thank you <3

2 years ago - 41 Likes


I can’t believe I watched the whole vid with real interest sksjshsh

2 years ago - 1.4K Likes

Niko di Angelo

the cutest lesbian ever.

2 years ago - 2.1K Likes

SatansFish69 _

I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MARIE! I feel really bad about being gay for some reason, basically like I have failed at life and that I’m just useless:// But listening to your music really helps me and it makes me feel like one day it might actually be okay, I’ll have a girlfriend and be happy and proud:D Thank you for everything you do❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

2 years ago - 34 Likes

Zoe !

"That's how it is. Being human is actually really gross."
It's just true

2 years ago - 93 Likes


when she speak
my heart went: 😳💕💘💖💗💖💕💘💓💞💝💞💞💖💘💕💘💖💓💓💞💝💞💓

2 years ago - 462 Likes


hello lovely!! i just want to let you know that you are such a fun person and your music is absolutely wonderful (though i hope you already know that!) ❤️❤️

2 years ago - 50 Likes


pov: ur on FaceTime w marie

2 years ago - 744 Likes


Breaking news: Lesbian on the floor talking to herself.

We love you lesbian!

2 years ago - 387 Likes

Molly Mebruer

“Being human is actually really gross” this is my senior quote

2 years ago - 17 Likes