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Dollar Stores: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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7,694,808 Views • Nov 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
John Oliver discusses dollar stores and why Irish Spring is not his soap of choice.

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7 months ago

As a former dollar tree employee... 100% accurate. Even the parts you were joking about. I really can't stress this enough. We were told to stack helium containers in front of the fire exit. I threatened to call the fire marshal. They ignored me. I called. They threatened to have me fired. I got my boss investigated by OSHA, made them into a liability for the company, got them fired, then quit.

5.6K |


7 months ago

I worked at Walmart for a while, and a few of my coworkers described working at Dollar General as a torture chamber. They say that WHILE working at Walmart

5.6K |


3 months ago

As a former Dollar Tree employee, 100% true, I remember vividly being told that not only were all the security cameras in our store fakes to ward off potential robbers, but we literally sold those exact same fake cameras in the same store, same model and everything. Kinda breaks the illusion when you look up from the box that says “realistic fake cameras” and see the same ones hanging from the ceiling, that is if you could see it above the towers of boxes in front of you

497 |


3 months ago

My mom was manager at Dollar General when I was 6 years old. As a 6 year old spending long nights in a closed DG, I helped her stock shelves, take trash out, and collect shopping carts so we could leave hopefully before 1 a.m. I don't know when we got home, I always fell asleep on the way home.

361 |


7 months ago

Speaking as somebody who literally just quit their job at DG, this feels like the ending cutscene in a video game.

5.1K |


7 months ago

Love that companies always say, "A union only gets between us and our employees". I am sorry but if I am alone in the room with my abuser, I want someone to jump in between us.

7.2K |


4 months ago

One of my students worked at a DG and he couldn’t organize a union but he got the employees together and they got management to sign an agreement regarding pay and hours. I was so proud of him.

347 |


4 months ago

Y’all, it isn’t just the dollar stores. The seemingly higher end retail establishments are often facing the same things; it’s a joke how accurate this video was. No one gets paid nearly enough, tasks keep getting piled onto them while man-hours keep diminishing. I loved that he threw in cleaning the bathrooms. Not a single thing in the store is going as well as it should and everyone hates it, but we’re still showing up doing our best. Be kind to retail workers.

654 |


7 months ago

This isn't surprising. Owning a company, paying almost nothing to the people who actually do the work, and making billions while they suffer seems to be the entire goal of our whole country.

20K |


7 months ago

When I got my OSHA 10 certification, my teacher told me that the one group of stores that get more OSHA fines then anywhere else is dollar stores. When asked why, she said it's because they get fined and just find it cheaper to pay the increase in fines then actually work to make their stores safe for the employees.

1.5K |


5 months ago

I worked for Dollar General for almost 2 years, and this lines up exactly with my experience working there. Our store manager survived on 5 hour energy, diet coke, and cigarettes, and she was about as strung out as you'd imagine. I hope she's doing well

72 |


5 months ago

My friend, Brian Eurie, died in Indianapolis while working at Dollar General. He was shot and killed during a robbery. It happened all the time. No one at corporate listened.

131 |


7 months ago

As someone who worked at a dollar tree right after quarantine, thank you for covering this 😭😭😭

3.3K |


7 months ago

I got a feeling this show can last forever, because I bet you there is no corporation that will not make you nauseous.

4K |


4 months ago

Those customers putting food away aren't helping the store, they're helping the community members they know need those things.

216 |


4 months ago

Former FD ASM. This is accurate. The expectation was to assist customers, restock shelves and clean with one person for 8.50 an hour. Our store became infested with rats multiple times, finally, it got so bad some fell from the ceiling on a customer and her son which is when the health people were called and we were shut down multiple times. Also, the DM expected us to chase people who were stealing. When I quit, I lied about where I was going because I was afraid they would try to sabotage my new job.

77 |


7 months ago

I used to work for a company that processed Dollar General's worker's comp claims. The most common injuries there were gunshot wounds, spider bites, human bites, and one in particular was listed as "trauma to the right side of the head with toaster oven"

741 |


7 months ago

Worked at a Dollar tree as a manager for 2 years. Had to call OSHA multiple times because our ceiling was falling down and leaking and black mold was all over the walls. Wasn't offered any benefits other than one week vacation. Would have to literally break up physical fights between customers. The second i got my college degree i was out. Working retail full time and still needing food stamps should be illegal.

905 |


5 months ago

I worked at a Great Canadian Dollar Store, which is the same - but not really the same as the other Dollar Stores. I'm happy to see that our store looked clean and inviting. We loved getting people what they were looking for. Everyone came to buy something, not only the poor. But the back store. My god it was a mess, just like we saw in the video. Boxes upon boxes upon boxes. I'm only 4"8, it was really scary to go in there and try to find something. When the regional manager came to help us one day, I gave him another box we just got and asked him where the heck are we going to put this? He just took with a smile and yeeted it over the rest. He said "You do this, no problem" How can you manage a store when you have no idea where your stuff is hiding? Well, it's closed now.

25 |


1 month ago

As a former assistant manager I can confirm that every single bit of this is 100% accurate. Single coverage, unrealistic expectations on work load, no real security measures, unbearable heat, low pay, no help, and the company could fuckin care less. They punish employees for trying to stop shoplifting (shrink) by making it against policy to stop a shoplifter but also if store shrink is to high the employees can't receive annual raises. This whole episode is spot on.

7 |

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