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Black Ops 6 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer
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55,768,948 Views • Jun 9, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Forced to go rogue. Hunted from within. This is Call of Duty #BlackOps6

💥 All-new campaign set in the Gulf War era
🗺️ 12 new 6v6 maps & 4 new strike maps at launch
🧟 Return of Round-based Zombies

Pre-Order to instantly get the Woods Operator Pack 👉 a.atvi.com/PreOrderBO6

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Views : 55,768,948
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Jun 9, 2024 ^^

Rating : 4.631 (12,613/124,037 LTDR)

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User score: 86.16- Overwhelmingly Positive

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 days ago

Pre orders starting to sound like those symptoms at the end of drug commercials

19K |


5 days ago

the campaign better be longer than 3 hours

25K |


2 days ago

It’s crazy that this is now the most viewed COD trailer

1.3K |


2 days ago

Prodigy being used for a game in the 90s is on point.

343 |


5 days ago

10% gameplay 90% cutscenes

23K |


5 days ago

This trailer was much longer than mw3 campaign.

7.9K |


2 days ago

Fun fact. This is the most viewed video in the cod channel and Longer then mw3 campaign

648 |


2 days ago

Just realized now the most viewed cod trailer ever

288 |


5 days ago

Remember : no pre order

7K |


5 days ago

The most heroic thing about this trailer is that they left the comments open.

5K |


2 days ago

This trailer has now surpassed infinite warfare’s trailer and is the most viewed COD trailer in just 2 days! Nuketown gonna be insane 😳☢️

58 |


1 day ago

As a prodigy fan this brings me so much Happiness, Rip Keith flint, the Legend, The Firestarter

7 |


5 days ago

“Gameplay trailer” - Proceeds to be purely cinematic scenes

2.2K |


5 days ago

10% Gulf War - 90% stealing banks

2.3K |


1 day ago

Not been so hyped since MW2019

11 |


3 days ago

I almost forgot that this was the sort of setting the Black Ops series was going for initially. It seems like something between BO1 and BO2, and those were the most loved games, so maybe there's something to look forward to 🤔

82 |


5 days ago

In the whole trailer, waiting for that Gun POV killing enemy moment

4.8K |


5 days ago

Remember: no pre-orders

2.7K |


2 days ago

50 million views and most viewed call of duty trailer ❤🎉

12 |

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