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waste - brockhampton
1,284,680 Views • Mar 27, 2018 • Click to toggle off description
i covered this
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Views : 1,284,680
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Mar 27, 2018 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 years ago

The streets need that Clairface

4.7K |


4 years ago

I wanna hear clairo and bearface on a track.....I'd probably melt

769 |


5 years ago

is it just me but some parts sounded like it's "the only exception" by paramore lol

1.4K |


6 years ago

CHORDS: capo on 2nd fret, A - A7 - Dmaj7 - Dm

1.1K |


6 years ago

You make all of my depression and stress just go away completely listening to you sing. Thank you

2.6K |


6 years ago

if you and bearface don't collab 😤😤

2.1K |


6 years ago

cover SUMMER by brockhampton please

1.2K |


4 years ago

if clairo n brockhampton are the two opposite sides of the gay spectrum, this is exactly in the middle whew we love solidarity

145 |


5 years ago

You and Rex Orange County should collab

2.6K |


4 years ago

BROCKHAMPTON is one of my biggest inspirations. Helped me get through so much. Bearface would be proud. Good cover.

430 |


6 years ago

Second fret capo:
[Chords] Amaj7 (X 0 2 1 2 0) A7 (X 0 2 0 2 0) Dmaj7 (X X 0 2 2 2) Dm (X X 0 2 3 1)

432 |


6 years ago

2 years ago I broke up with the love of my life. She cheated on me with my best friend who was a brother to me.
nearly a year ago I finished college and started preparing for uni. 2 months ago I found your songs. Now I'm starting to smile again.

Thank you Clairo

554 |


3 years ago

Her cover of this makes me feel like I'm sitting against my window on a fall evening. It's raining outside and the only source of light is the flickering candle on my desk. Each drop is filled with emotion of someone you know and each drop falls differently.

30 |


1 year ago

wow she’s so good at standing still while singing

69 |


6 years ago (edited)

Was I more than it's worth
Or will you see my name and I'll fade?
Pitch my camp in your mind
Sat by the fire, behind your eyes
And I'll look through them just once or twice
But I might see something I don't like
Like your hands in his shirt
Entwined in cotton, his loving smirk

Losing my way, ohh
Seeing your name, but I'll be fine, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Losing my way, ohh
Seeing your name
But I'll be fine, I’ll be fine
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

1K |


6 years ago

luuuv!! 😍😭

592 |


6 years ago

Sees brockhampton and stops everything Im doing just to watch this! ❣️

111 |


6 years ago

I need this song in spotify pls

237 |


4 years ago

she’s the female bearface
she’s clairo mcdonald

45 |


4 years ago (edited)

0:29 wowww, a tear just fell on my cheek....

13 |

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