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This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday June 10 and Friday June 16, 2023.

β†’ r/hermitcraft Discord: discord.gg/U5QbH9pWG4
β†’ Website: www.hermitcraft.com/
β†’ Twitter: twitter.com/hermitcraft_
β†’ Reddit: www.redlib.matthew.science/r/HermitCraft
β†’ Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/hermitcraft_/
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Views : 104,188
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YouTube Comments - 140 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


11 months ago

Look Mum, I made it to the thumbnail!! πŸ˜†

(even if it is my skin from a couple of years ago πŸ˜‚)

1.3K |


11 months ago

Doc coming back to find not only three crowns, but also a thunderstorm is peak mad scientist.

1.3K |


11 months ago

Thank you for plugging the record! <3
So kind of you to do that :-)

1K |


11 months ago

We need an emote that properly conveys the excessively caffeinated babbling that poor deliriously tired Tango's engaging in, because man that was a lot of words to try and fit on screen at once πŸ€”

673 |


11 months ago

Ironically Mumbo and Iskall were ahead of the time with their valuable bits of 12 bamboo

142 |


11 months ago

congrats to doc for officially replacing grian as mumbo's best friend

575 |


11 months ago

Doc: I WIN!
immediate lightning strike
Dudes just built different

18 |


11 months ago

Grian is going to have a mental breakdown when he fully realizes he is no longer mumbos best friend

126 |


11 months ago

Grian may have cleaned his shulker/chest monster, putting him in the cleaning lady's good graces, but when she finds all his duped eggs, he's gonna be right back in hot water

195 |


11 months ago

Man, Grian slowly gaining more and more enemies this season
At this point, the breaking point/climax won't be a server-wide civil war but an "every man, woman and child against Grian" epic battle

138 |


11 months ago

14:05 That thunder had fantastic timing.

264 |


11 months ago

Doc: "A purple crown. I'LL STEAL IT! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!"

19 |


11 months ago

The best part is that later, we'll find out that Grian is at fault for a bit of griefing to some sandstone architecture Doc's base. And the best way Doc could get back at him is to stroll up with all the crowns.

105 |


11 months ago

Docs ghasts are the coachroaches of hermitcraft 9 there is at least one just keeps poping up on videos since that prank happened

13 |


11 months ago

Doc didn't actually put in any system to disable his chunk loader after getting the crowns... which means that if he hadn't woken up in time to turn it off, he might've accidentally let the whole thing die and blow up.

68 |


11 months ago

"though theres alway a chance there was some bugs to work out" was not expecting that, lol. I didn't know an endermit could disrupt redstone but here we are.

34 |


11 months ago

Congrats to doc on becoming mumbo’s best friend! But also gg because the plan was brilliant

50 |


11 months ago

Thank you Hermitcraft Recap (and Hermitcraft!) , after years of watching Minecraft I've now started playing Minecraft (also thanks to Pixlriffs for his lets play series, helped a lot!)

172 |


11 months ago

i wonder how grian would react to doc beating him in a race of being mumbo's best friend

16 |


9 months ago

Doc getting the purple crown in the end, thanks to his stasis chamber is amazing. Especially the way he reacts when he return back from being AFK, and just shouts "I WIN!" As lightning strikes with thunder heard in the background. Very well timed.

1 |

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