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Sawed Off 700 Nitro !!! (The World’s First 700 Nitro Express Coach Gun)
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809,576 Views • Nov 29, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
In today’s video we try out the 700 nitro express coach gun! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!



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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

A big thank you to USCCA for sponsoring today's video!

536 |


3 months ago

I’m still not against blowing it up…you just say when 😂

1.9K |


2 months ago

for anyone wondering, Scott purchased this .700 nitro express rifle from rock island armory for around $20,000. it's a 10 gauge shotgun professionally converted to .700 nitro express. a "real" .700 nitro express rifle from holland & holland can go anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000, and you will most likely have to have them build one for you, since they very rarely pop up in auctions.

9 |


3 months ago

BTW, Congrats on 4m. My wife is a trauma surgeon and I showed her your 50cal video, and she said right away, pressure is key to survival, and she commended you on your quick actions, not many people would think to do that. She then ordered me a shirt for my birthday (Nov 28th).

149 |


3 months ago

The Nerf Dart example is actually perfect! Not only are the technically .50 Caliber, it's also a reference point that most of us know!

25 |


3 months ago

A sawed-off vs standard barrel episode. Would be cool. Test accuracy, measure recoil and practicality.

67 |


3 months ago

Kentucky Ballistics is the BEST big bore & firearms channel on the YouTube. Why Scott doesn't have 10 million Subscribers is unreal. He's a genuine a good man. His videos when guns go boom are very expensive to produce. The man wants our comments and what WE want to see next. Keep on with the best firearm videos

10 |


3 months ago

It's a little sad to see you shortened it, but much better than destroying it. This is a good video so it'll be fine. The mustard shot was awesome! Thank Scott and Scott for keeping us all entertained.

44 |


2 months ago

Scott I'm sure you've heard by now. Adam from Ballistic High Speed just suffered a catastrophic failure from an RPG. He luckily survived and is in recovery. Hopefully he will be back soon and fully recovered. I think a collab with between Ballistic High Speed and Kentucky Ballistics where you guys share your experiences would be really cool. Thanks for all your awesome content.

11 |


2 months ago

Scott, I have to say I am amazed at your ability to just eat recoil…. I grew up shooting-one of my earliest memories- and was always small framed but never was recoil sensitive… having said that… holy crap can you take a hit!! Keep up the videos man… love it

4 |


3 months ago

PLEASE do not destroy that firearm.
That is one of the coolest rifles I have ever seen. Anyone would think it is just a shotgun in a coach gun configuration.
Kudos to you also my friend, you shooting that beast like it was a shotgun. In full sized 18 lb configuration it delivers 160 ft lbs of recoil energy (depending on load) that is 6 times the recoil of a 12ga shotgun. That is almost double that of the 500 Nitro express. I cannot imagine just how hard that puppy kicks now.
Regardless it is one of the coolest rifles known.
In one article it mentions that it could reach up to the 200 ft lb mark, that's insane.
Brother, you are the man.

1 |


2 months ago

When you raised your new toy up into view, it took my breath away. I love firearms, I've been shooting real guns since I was six, but I am also, as an adult, all of five-foot-five and one hundred and thirty pounds. You first!



3 months ago

I don't ever comment but Scott's content Is always whimsical, goofy and just fun. Profanity and what not doesn't bother me but it's so fun to watch your vids because they r just stress relievers and I know I'll laugh and be enthralled in poupon destruction.

350 |


3 months ago

Dude, congrats on 4 million! That's crazy. It's been a wonderful journey, and I can't wait to see what's in store for the future! You deserve way more, but you'll get there. That intro was freaking gold, lol! Much love from Indiana. 🙏🏼 (P.S. Don't explode that. It's too beautiful to destroy, lol.)

16 |


3 months ago

Huge congrats on 4MIL subscribers!!! been subbed since your accident and ashamed i never found you before hand but your attitude and passion for firearms especially big bore is honestly so fun and exciting and also educational! never would i have guessed the 50.bmg would be small in comparison to the stuff you shoot Doom Guy would be proud, you repping his super shotugn!! love your smile, love your silly intro's stay beautiful Scott much love and Godbless friend be well

9 |


3 months ago

Watching your mental breakdown the last few years has been great...Don't ever change!



2 months ago

Thank you, Scott and the entire team behind Kentucky Ballistics. Ordered my big bore shirt and also received my signed Kentucky Ballistics flag. Feel like I won the lottery brother!

Keep on keepin'on with the content and much love!

1 |


3 months ago

I'm only 5.5 and 165 lbs . So 30.06 is about the biggest recoil I can handle. It amazes me. To see Scott shoot a 700 magnum coach gun . You have to have demo ranch try that gun out. I don't think Matt would like it very much.
Congratulations on 4 million.
Keep up the awesome work 😂.

62 |


3 months ago

The maniac cackle after he fires a shot is why i keep watching his videos. Destruction and laughter in perfect harmony ❤

1 |


2 months ago

I like how much atmospheric pressure the 700 nitro causes when it gets shot like the 50bmg like you can see Scott’s breath so well right after he shoots and watch it slowly go away

1 |

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