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First Week Back In LA... Did We Make A Mistake?
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 months ago

I have a 3 year old son. And believe me when I say , you’ll be back in Colorado in the blink of an eye. The toddler phase comes so quickly. I still can’t believe my son is 3 now. I’m so happy that you and Shane are going to experience the beautiful roller coaster of parenthood. Cherish every moment, big or small, and don’t forget how strong your love for each other is now , because keeping that connection and communicating through parenthood is so important. Love you guys , best of luck ✌🏾❤️.

1.6K |


6 months ago

I love that Ryland is like so soft boy and loves to be glammed up and femme - but he is such the man of the house. Winterizing , blowing out sprinklers. I love the duality . Slay king

165 |


6 months ago

I am a mom of twins, and I can't stress this enough. Keep them on the same schedule with feeding and sleeping. If you don't, you will never sleep. I hope this bit of advice helps you guys

502 |


6 months ago

the way Riley just stands there while ryland dries her off is just so cuteeee. you can tell all the animals trust ryland it’s so wholesome

422 |


6 months ago

I can't believe after two decades I'm watching Shane become a father. You two are so great. Sending love to you & your families. And your little babies. It makes me so emotional - nearly choked up. I'm so happy for you both. ❤

101 |


6 months ago

Can I just point out how much of an amazing parent ryland already is. Riley going into the water and while drying him ryland is expressing he’s silly but also acknowledging he had fun which is important. Love it! ❤

103 |


6 months ago

you both are going to be great dads! but please do not be upset if parenting doesn’t come naturally. once your newborns come, it’s such a different way of living that it takes natural adjustment, and that looks different for every parent. you two have prepared so much and have truly done everything you can. so excited for this next milestone in your lives.

139 |


6 months ago

Why am I literally getting tears in my eyes seeing those Christmas stockings for the boys! I swear to God, the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done with my life is be a mother. You’re going to love it. Buckle up, it’s also challenging but they are my entire heart. Also Ryland, that hair is looking amazing 🖤🖤 can’t wait to see you guys as parents. You are going to be amazing 🖤

55 |


6 months ago

All I wanna say is PLEASE get a pool fence not just for the California house pool but also for the pond at the Colorado house ❤ love you both and cannot wait for this next stage in yalls life!

327 |


6 months ago

I can’t believe the boys are going to be born so soon!!! I wish you two nothing but happiness and love as you start this crazy journey called parenthood. I think whatever decision that you make on where you’re going to live is what’s best. You guys know your lives better than we do. Happy thanksgiving Shane and Ryland ❤❤ PS Ryland nesting is the cutest thing ever

509 |


6 months ago

I love Ryland’s response when Shane picks up the cheetah print ornaments… he’s such a 60yr old woman when it comes to water tok, fashion, his tumblers, and decor. Ryland be patient, he may out grow it! Lolz!

25 |


6 months ago

Rylands hair has made him more angelic. Love it

109 |


6 months ago

Ry Ry puppy is my favorite part! Watching her be so happy living her best life warms my heart! Get that pond girl!

72 |


6 months ago

I CANNOT wait to watch these 2 wonderful men become fathers. How exciting!! Can’t wait!! Parent hood is fun!!

82 |


6 months ago

I’m watching an old vlog from your first walk through of the Colorado house… the old owners in the video said “oh my god the twins are here for you” (the twin deer)!!!! What a huge sign that was knowing that you two are expecting twins a few years later.. who woulda known! I thought it was such a sign back then.

11 |


6 months ago

You should wait to get their formula until after they’re born because you don’t know if one or both may have a sensitive stomach or might be allergic to specific formulas.

58 |


6 months ago

I keep wondering if the babies have come yet!

188 |


6 months ago

omg. i let out an audible gasp when i saw that picture with teresa, literally crying now, miss her so so so so much.

7 |


6 months ago

I just love how they bring their pets with them when they go back and forth! Also they are going to be wonderful parents.

18 |


6 months ago

MOM TIP: Wait to buy formula until you get a recommendation from the pediatrician. Some babies can't take certain formulas because it hurts their tummies

96 |

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