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1 year ago - 453 Likes


This song is so misunderstood. It's about a woman breaking heart after heart because nobody is enough for her, she can't help feeling bored. She plays them all like a gameboy and goes to the next guy. She just can't stop herself so she call herself serial killer, because breaking a heart is painful.

1 year ago - 11K Likes


This song + the earphones = heaven

3 years ago - 15K Likes


I do not WANT, i NEED this song to be on spotify

3 years ago - 7.8K Likes

Bee Zoldyck

The little gasp and voices she makes after "baby I'm a sociopath , sweet serial killer" are amazing

3 years ago - 3.8K Likes

Pallavi Bhardwaj

She sang this song soo many times in her concerts , I don't know why this is not available on Spotify and on her channel too😭😭

1 year ago - 431 Likes

Mimse Mouse

I will never forgive her for not releasing this masterpiece

2 years ago - 2.3K Likes

h e y y y o u

last year, when i was not interested in lana, (or just didn’t know who she was) i saw a girl listening to a song with headphones on our school bus and i saw she was listening to this song. when i went home, i listened to that song too. when i listened first her voice and the emotion in her voice affected me so much. after that i listened to other songs from her and right now i’m so grateful to that girl because of helping me find lana even she doesn’t know yet 💗

3 years ago - 2.3K Likes

Sarah Treece

I’ll never understand why this song didn’t make it to an album 😩

1 year ago - 796 Likes

Caeley French

Kids who glorify being a sociopath or psycho:
I was with someone who was definitely a sociopath and a narcissist. Not a good thing at all. Not romantic or cool. He would either obsessively, possesively love me, or hate me and physically and verbally abuse me, he was really sadistic and sick. There wasn't really any in between. He seemed like the most caring empathetic guy, people loved and still love him. Behind closed doors he would control me and gaslight me and smother me and when I had a nervous breakdown he would get really, really horrible. He resented me for the damage that he did, said that i wasnt who i said i was but that was only because i became so depressed, anxious and mentally and emotionally exausted, i had nothing left to offer him. He was obsessed with the idea of having me but when i wanted to make my own choices, have space, or demanded to be treated better he would turn into a monster. He had no empathy. He watched me cry and threatened to hurt or kill me because my crying annoyed him, told me to kill myself, and said that i would never leave unless i was dead. Being a demon who stalks, hurts, traps and traumatizes people with no remorse for the pain they inflict, is not cool. Its not like some intense, fierce love thing either. Its not love at all. I hope none of you have to have firsthand experience with a sociopath to understand that its not a good thing.

I do love this song! But its just a song :)

2 years ago - 5.4K Likes

Jazzy Kimm

I’m not here because I’m weird, I’m here because I love Lanas music.
edit: woah thank you for the likes i haven’t checked up since i posted it first

2 years ago - 2.8K Likes

Shannon Milenski

I love this song, but what I love the most is how soft and sweet her voice is, and how she uses it. Lana Del Ray is one of the few lucky singers who has a soft voice and knows how to use it properly to their advantage.

2 years ago - 210 Likes

Marshia Erisha

I'm a sweet cereal killer.

3 years ago - 13K Likes


Why do all of Lana's songs make me feel like I'm some kind of femme fatale from the 60's with bright red lipstick and a shotgun?

2 years ago - 786 Likes


I thought this was about her falling in love with a man, but he doesn’t feel the same. So when he leaves her she finds herself lost in other men, breaking them slowly in the process, thus making her appear to be a serial killer.

3 years ago - 944 Likes

Alek Salles

I still cannot understand why this song isn't on Spotify

1 year ago - 98 Likes

Loml Camila

Tbh I feel really connected with this song even though I’m not reckless or anything I’m just really obsessive and possessive with people.. this makes me feel slightly sane lol

3 years ago - 4.6K Likes

Jenny Inglima

This song from Lana hasnt gotten enough attention. Its so sick

1 year ago - 179 Likes

Shakira Last

wow i havent heard this in YEARS i forgot how much i loved it

3 years ago - 511 Likes

K Ebel

Lana’s songs either make me super happy or cry depending on my mood. I love all the emotion in her songs.

3 years ago - 57 Likes