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Tom Hanks asked if he is worried about another Trump presidency. Hear his response
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5,471,746 Views • Jun 6, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Actor Tom Hanks sat down with CNN's Christiane Amanpour as celebrations for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, marking the beginning of the end of World War II, are underway. #CNN #News
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 days ago

Jeezus, CNN. That's NOT the headline this interview warrants. Good grief.

886 |


4 days ago

My pop just died two months ago at 103 years old. He served in WW2 and was so proud of it, he spoke of it often. I miss that old man so much.

1.2K |


1 day ago

I applaud Hanks for not jumping on Amanpour's anti Trump campaign.

58 |


1 day ago

My late father-in-law was there. He survived WWII with 2 purple hearts.

27 |


4 days ago

My uncle, 18 years young, died on D-Day at Normandy. He was small & weighed down by his pack Like many others, he was killed in the water, never even reaching the beach. People fail to understand the brutality of D-Day & the truly selfless sacrifice that many young men made on that day. Every year, my mother pulled out his final letter to her. She would read it with tears running down her face.

991 |


1 day ago

Why in the hell would you bring up trump on this anniversary of D- Day, thank you Hanks for not taking the bait, Shame on you Amanpour.

108 |


19 hours ago

There is a WW2 vet in Mocksville, NC which I met walking out of a hardware store. Guy didn't seem a day over 60. Truly a great generation.

7 |


2 days ago

My Dad joined the Royal Navy on his 16th birthday on the 30th March 1939. He spent 14 years with the RN and was involved in all campaigns throughout the war. He was torpedo'd twice and all his friends he joined with were killed. He died of cancer in 2008. I have his medals.

160 |


1 week ago

To those who were there eighty years ago, THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU. 👍

2.1K |


1 day ago

My dad was a medic in WWII, with barely a high school education. He was given a Bronze Star, but never told us why. The only time I ever saw him cry was when he told us about seeing the bodies stacked in the concentration camps. He could not believe that one human being could do that to another.

5 |


20 hours ago

So eloquent, humble and respectful. He outclassed the whole network and gave them a history lesson. Listen and embrace his words, “Do the right thing”. Sounds simple enough. Run Forest! Run!

4 |


3 days ago

She tried to make Hanks to talk crap about Trump and failed miserable, I respect Tom for that

292 |


2 days ago

My Grandfather saved Charles de Gaulle from a burning truck and was one of the few Americans to get the French metal of honor. Gene Lussan. He would never talk about the war only how brutal it was to watch his friends dieing. He was a medic and he saw a tank get hit. He went to run in to help and the other medic said count to ten 1st. So he did and the tank exploded at 8 and he saw a guy thrown from the top of the tank. He went over and saved the guy with no legs. It was his buddy he signed up with.

72 |


1 day ago


5 |


1 day ago

DO NOT GIVE A SH** WHAT HOLLYWOOD thinks about who is president! Please stop asking them how they feel, who they want for the white house.

48 |


1 day ago

My dear Grandad was a Royal Marine. He spent 4 years in POW camps between (what was) Yugoslavia and Austria. When I was a kid I wanted to be a soldier and would ask him about "the War" but he didn't like to talk about it much, until when I was older and then he told me ALL about it. He was lucky to escape with his life, he came close to loosing it several times and once even had to dig his own grave (😳) but thank God he managed to make the old guard change his mind with lots of joking. His experiences certainly had a lasting impression. He survived and lived to the age of 92. He is a Hero to me. I thank him and all the Veterans, who fought for what so many of us take for granted today. I pray that War will stop and that Good will overcome Evil, all over the World. 🙏🏼

43 |


3 days ago

MY Grandpa was one of the last living WW2 Vets, died at age 96 in 2022. He even got Covid in 2020 and beat it! That man was tough as leather.

201 |


1 day ago

Only pray that we do honor and justice in defending our own Republic as these brave soldiers did on D-day. 🇺🇸

5 |


1 day ago

Born in 56 proud to share it with the esteemed Tom Hanks. My father served with 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion and returned home with a Bronze Star. Thanks for showing those brave young men their sacrifice was worth it.

2 |


1 week ago

Rest in peace William ‘Bill’ H. Cameron, Canadian Naval war hero of D-Day. He was 100 years old, mere days away from this special reunion. Your service shall never be forgotten.

3K |

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