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song produced by phem, Daniel Hartzog, and DvDx and mixed by Daniel Hartzog
with additional writing help by Tyler Posey

#phem #watery #hopelessrecords
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Genre: Music
Upload date: Aug 25, 2022 ^^

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phem 4evr

~ ya i might be broken , but i think its meant 2 b ~

3 months ago - 97 Likes

Tally N

“Pass out, reroute, keep walking on the sidewalk, tell me where it ends tho” and “if I disappeared, would you miss me would you care?” Are couple of my favorite lines 🖖💚

3 months ago - 11 Likes


This song is layered af. Don’t mistake Phem for some regular ole pop artists. This person has serious skills. All of their songs are straight fire. Damn I’m excited about this one.

2 months ago - 1 Likes

phem 4evr

- i dont like 2 speak just to hear myself talk, graveyard 4 the songs that i kno i'll nvr drop -

3 months ago - 96 Likes

bugern gaming

Was in the discord when you released this absolutely amazing and spectacular song keep releasing such great music 💚

3 months ago - 15 Likes

Unicorn Angel

OMG I LOVE IT!! thank you for dropping it 💚💚

3 months ago - 8 Likes

M Avery

I’m absolutely obsessed with this! Love your music, also you’re stunning! 💗💗

2 months ago - 1 Likes

cjthewolf 7

This song is so hype

3 months ago - 6 Likes


I heard flowers on my discover weekly playlist and ever since I’ve been obsessed with your songs! Your voice is so unique and each song is great. 💚 I’m going through a rough week and nothing helps the same like some good music.

2 months ago - 0 Likes

rizzy E

I feel this song already and I ain't passed 1 minute yet

3 months ago - 1 Likes


This is a beautiful song. You're extremely talented.

2 months ago - 0 Likes

Larissa Bombom

"How do i just live my whole life without a clue on how to do it. They expect u just to do it" is my fav line bc it's something i've been feeling & thinking lately while i'm trying to figure out my own path

3 months ago - 0 Likes

The Classically Deceased

Why do your songs gotta be so short. I need these bangers to last 4 minutes long

3 months ago - 1 Likes

Larissa Bombom

Every song hits me so hard wtf luv u phem 💚 🖖

3 months ago - 0 Likes


You're amazing Phem, never stop, my favorite from the first song I heard, <3Phem

4 weeks ago - 1 Likes


Keep up the great work Phem can’t wait for more 💚💚💚phemily4evr

3 months ago - 7 Likes


Holy crap Phem this song is straight fire. I have had it on repeat since it came out. Absolutely IN LOVE 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

3 months ago - 1 Likes

Rosa vasquez

Keep it up lady super happy I got to meet you and put a face to your music. You have pulled this Kansas girl out of some shit.

3 months ago - 4 Likes


i dont think ive ever related to a song more than this. got my tears. 🖖🏻

also hope all is well now phem :(

3 months ago - 3 Likes

Robert Ventura

so proud of you glad the songs finally out! 💚💚

3 months ago - 1 Likes