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Dalia - Nothing's Ever Enough (Official Music Video)
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788 Views • Nov 29, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic content, Violence, Blood

At its core, “Nothing’s Ever Enough” is a song that reflects the unhealthy and toxic dynamics I’ve endured in my relationships with men. This song is not only a window into my own experiences but also a mirror reflecting the experiences of countless girls and women who have been conditioned to seek validation and approval from men.

During my late teens, I found myself heavily relying on male validation, and I looked for it in reckless ways, putting myself in a lot of dangerous situations. There were power imbalances that I’ve observed between men and women throughout my life, which I unconsciously mirrored in my own relationships.
I allowed men to use me and my body to the extent that it began to feel like it didn’t belong to me anymore. I became so disconnected from myself, numbed by the continual cycle of seeking validation and never quite finding it.

The song also delves into darker aspects of my past, where I went through sexual assault, and that haunted me for a long time. It led to flashbacks and disassociation, and i felt extremely powerless and frustrated. I couldn’t escape the feeling that these men, who were no longer a part of my life, were still taking from me, emotionally and mentally.

“Nothing’s Ever Enough” was born from this overwhelming sense that nothing I did or endured was sufficient to overcome the past. But it’s become a declaration of resilience, and a testament to my strength. Through this song, I find healing, and I extend that hand to others who may have undergone similar situations. It’s a reminder that I deserve unconditional love and respect, and so do you. 💖

I want to say a huge thank you to @kell.sayer for believing in this song from the very beginning & for creating such accurate & on point visuals with me. Nobody gets me on this like u do 💖 I knew I could trust u with the meaning behind this song & how I wanted to tell the story, and I’m so happy I did.🫶🏼

thank u so much to @akirakaii for being so patient & kind & generous!!! & for all your input in helping to bring this to life 💖

And finally thank u to @vikwho for pretending to be straight for one day & doing this video with me. 😇😇 Ur the best !!💖

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/76Pwpf...

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Believe me I’ve tried ripping my skin off
To own a body that you’ve never touched
I swear I feel you fingertips
Imprinted on my hips
Oh, oh
Believe me I’ve tried ever kind of pill
Like killing my brain will make you less real
It’s like I’m waiting for the end
So it can come and end you as well

Now I’ll never feel like home
In my own body
You broke down the door
No you never knocked
I can still feel the weight
Of your body
On me

But nothings ever enough
Nothings ever enough
Nothings ever enough
For you

Did you know I give my all to anyone
Who reminds me a bit of you
You know I gave my all to you
But nothings ever enough
Nothings ever enough
Nothings ever enough
For you

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