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Nintendo is erasing its history - The war against ROMS
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586,805 Views • Jun 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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The recent DMCA takedown notice from the ESA on popular rom sharing site VIMMS Lair is another blow to the preservation community. Nintendo believes ROM sites are haven for illegal activity, copyright infringement, and piracy and they have a history of taking down sites in the past including LoveROMs, Rom Universe and more. Can Nintendo be trusted to do it themselves? The Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) service is a fraction of the size of the Virtual Console and its unlikely it will ever exceed it. It's my view that Nintendo is effectively erasing their own history as more games are lost to time. In today's episode we take a closer look at why I believe the only true preservation in the video game industry are ROMS.

Note: This episode is an opinion piece for entertainment purposes only. I'm not a lawyer




00:00 - 02:12 - Introduction
02:13 - 04:16 - Sponsor
04:17 - 14:00 - Nintendo, DMCA, ROMS and Preservation
14:01 - 14:21 - Outro

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5 days ago

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517 |


4 days ago

It's not just ROMs either. Nintendo once also tried to get old Nintendo Power issues taken off Internet Archive even though they themselves offer no way to view them. Nintendo would rather burn their own history than let people see it for free.

6.4K |


4 days ago

I believe people should back up every single Nintendo game in existence. Nintendo doesn’t care about history.

6.4K |


3 days ago

People don't realize how many of the early films were lost to history because of cellulose degradation and copiers being rare, we should be glad it's so easy to dump copy and run software on a emu

566 |


3 days ago

Remember guys, Emuparadise doesn't have roms on it and there is DEFINITELY no workaround script of any kind

218 |


4 days ago

Disney ruined the copyright law. It should last for as long as patent do, not a single year longer. Now we live in a dystopia where things only go to public domain after a century. Thanks, disney.

4K |


4 days ago

Anyone against emulation in general is a bootlicker.

2.1K |


1 day ago

Gabe Newell nailed it when he said that piracy is a service issue and man was he right. Nintendo is missing out on such a massive opportunity.

50 |


3 days ago

Under the current copyright system, games that my 50 year old father grew up with wouldn't go into the public domain until I'm well into my seventies. Insane.

87 |


4 days ago

Queue Gabe Newell quote: “One thing that we have learned is that piracy is not a pricing issue. It’s a service issue. ...... The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It’s by giving those people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving from the pirates.”

1.1K |


4 days ago

What brings me joy about Nintendo's struggle to rid their roms from the internet is that they will never ever succeed. The deep seas of the internet will ensure they will always fail and thus are only succeeding in hurting their own public image.

2.1K |


3 days ago

My thoughts: If the copyright owner provides no method to access the content, then a clock starts. That clock counts down 2 years. At the end of that time, if the owner has not provided a means of access, then their copyright is rescinded.

70 |


3 days ago

The point about Nintendo not taking down sellers of handhelds with illegal roms is especially damning.

39 |


4 days ago

Knowing Nintendo are removing roms from all over the place makes me want to download them all.

2.5K |


3 days ago

I bet Nintendo has spent more "protecting" their old games than they've actually "lost" to previous gens piracy.

233 |


3 days ago

I would like to add another point of view besides what you spoke in the video. Growing up in a third world country, roms and piracy were my pathway to acessing a world I could never dream via legal ways. Learning english, acessing culture, information, entertainment, etc. I owe my life to hackers, rippers, modders, translaters, pirates, etc. To me, copyright law as it is serves very well one purpose: keeping poor people poor and rich people rich.

46 |


2 days ago

"Game companies HATE game preservation. They don't want you to preserve their old stuff. They want you to forget their old stuff and buy their new stuff." - RGE, Raging Golden Eagle

23 |


4 days ago

Maybe that's what happened to the Library of Alexandria, the Romans decided that all those books had breached copyright rules.

658 |


4 days ago

Remember - "if buying isn't owning, piracy isn't stealing".

879 |


2 days ago

Nintendo tried making renting games illegal in the 80's. Now, they are renting the games to you directly by NSO. The tables have turned in their favor just as they wanted. If I need server authentication to play my games, I really don't own them. I am slowly turning to modded consoles to really own my games.

16 |

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