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I visited Japan's Best ANIME Theme Park
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1,154,034 Views • Jan 3, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
It's actually just Universal Studios, but in Japan. Apparently, they just really like anime over there... and the Minions. Also, @jaidenanimations was there too.
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oh and thank you sara
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Views : 1,154,034
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 months ago

The “gift shop directly after a ride” trick is very effective on this man

3.2K |


4 months ago

Its kinda funny for jaiden to coincidentally hit every checkbox that prevents the two of them for entering a lot of attractions

3.8K |


4 months ago

Does anyone else find it funny that Jaiden single-handedly stopped them from going on almost every ride for a multitude of different reasons(probably just bad luck)

6K |


4 months ago

Jaiden's appearances feel so on-character

1.2K |


4 months ago

Alpharad has probably spent more money in Japan than most of us have spent in our lives

1.7K |


4 months ago

Well considering one of Gojo's training regiments was you having to binge an lot of movies, the popcorn obsession is the least surprising.

713 |


4 months ago

I know the chances are low that you're gonna read this but I just wanna say thank you for respecting the staff and not recording the rides like a lot of influencers do. Also I know you're worried about the mascots, they have built in ventilation and cooling in the costumes, so I promise it's safe :)

237 |


4 months ago

a shame jacob didn't try Chef Toad's cafe because the Japanese version actually has really good food for a theme park

270 |


4 months ago

I’m actually studying abroad in Japan pretty soon and didn’t even think about visiting Universal Studios Japan! I’m about to make some dangerously irresponsible purchases at those One Piece and Pokémon merch stores!

830 |


4 months ago

the bit of culture shock Jacob described at 10:27 happened to me at a maid cafe when All I Want For Christmas Is You started playing.

42 |


4 months ago

Whether or not the lines are enjoyable is honestly one of the biggest things that decides how good a theme park is for me. When even the scenery for the lines are filled with whimsy, you know the park was made with love, by people who genuinely care for the source material.

48 |


4 months ago

People always be like, “how are they gonna do chopper in season 2 of the one piece live action.” We have our answer. 12:13

47 |


4 months ago

It's crazy how freaking ginormous One Piece has reached over the years, I could see why this series is insanely popular even at their home country.

325 |


4 months ago

The Alpharad theme park character arc continues. Btw just letting you know but if you ever (for some reason) end up coming to Copenhagen in Denmark, then try visiting Tivoli Gardens. Its this super scenic and themed theme park in downtown Copenhagen and the legitimate place that inspired Walt Disney the most when making Disneyland. Its smaller than Disneyland, and a lot cheaper, but I have a feeling you'd love it there, even if the only marketable character there is like Petzi... but the park also has rock concerts every friday, gourmet restaurants all over, they legit have more eateries than rides, and some amazing seasonal events.

144 |


4 months ago

8:16 Regarding the Spider-Man man ride: it's a carbon copy of the Spider-Man ride in Orlando. The reason it looks like the 90s cartoon/the comics is because the ride originally opened in 1999 and because of the theme park rights to the character. Due to the nature of the contract Universal got for the theme park rights to Marvel characters (basically everyone except for the Guardians of the Galaxy and some other characters who were considered minor in the late 90s/00s), they were allowed to keep using those rides pretty much for as long as they want, even though Disney outright owns Marvel now. The only catch is that they can't change the rides to match the current Marvel movies/shows that Disney produces.

24 |


4 months ago

I love how Alpharad didn't even mention Jaiden until 5minutes into the video

22 |


4 months ago

As the recent event happened to Japan two days ago, A bad way to begin 2024, However for something like this that comforts us and not to think of tragedy and think of something that you've enjoyed like this, I wish all the victims safe and move on reaching positivity and amusement.

551 |


4 months ago

Your Japan adventures really makes me feel happy, just seeing how you just had a lot of fun at a place far away just makes me glad that this is the time I'm alive and not like 100 years ago

47 |


4 months ago

I love that youtube has dubbed that this video is featuring gameplay of Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash, a game that isn't even out yet. A true testament to the editing prowess this video contains

14 |


4 months ago

You know, considering the Yakuza reputation in Japan, bold of Jaiden to go out in a tank top with full sleeve tattoos.

132 |

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