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Luh Tyler - Change My Wayz [Official Music Video]
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YouTube Comments - 2,116 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

🔥 🔥

328 |


3 months ago

Not just a one hit wonder the kid is special🔥

3.5K |


3 months ago

He mastered the flow on this one 🔥

1.3K |


2 months ago

He needs to make more slow smooth songs like this because this song is so hard🫡🫡

683 |


2 months ago

He getting older and I love his growth is being shown in music.

1.7K |


2 months ago

Gotta be the only rapper that don’t talk about straight violence and still slide! Kudos to you bro

144 |


3 months ago

"Remember back when times were hard, we prayed 4 betta days"🔥🔥

2.5K |


3 months ago

Tyler always coming with that heat

663 |


3 months ago

THIS BEAT SO AMAZING ..whoever made it was off one that night 🔥😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

217 |


2 months ago

Beat had no right being this beautiful

22 |


3 months ago

He really be chillin on the beat 🍃💨

472 |


2 months ago

Straight motivation we gon make it soon 🔥

58 |


3 months ago

The flow and his beats always on point 😩🙌🏾🔥

620 |


3 months ago

Not gonna lie this kid is definitely going places and this is coming from the 90s baby!!! Keep going bro 🔥

489 |


3 months ago

This beat so smooth it made my 5 month old baby fall asleep 🩵🩵😭

128 |


2 months ago

the way this was filmed is dope. love the old footage filter. the beat, the flow, smooth with it

15 |


3 months ago

He evolving right in front of us, love to see it.

50 |


2 months ago

Remember back when times were hard, we prayed 4 betta days"🔥🔥He mastered the flow on this one 🔥

5 |


3 months ago

Whoever see's This KEEP praying, you WILL get better, the path your going down WILL lead to success and everything WILL workout for you, just keep going. Amen🙏🏽 Stay Safe Family❤️!

130 |


3 months ago

I love the beat is so melodic and tranquil, relaxing…

50 |

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