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Fixing Minecraft Using Create Mod
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259,481 Views β€’ Jun 10, 2024 β€’ Click to toggle off description
can't believe the pink petals got me
Mods I used:
Pollution of the Realms
Advanced Chimneys
Ambient Sounds
Distant Horizons
all this for forge 1.20.1

Also "Complementary - Reimagined" shaders

Music used: (thank s !!) (in order)

Omnibound - Heartbound OST (i looped a part around the middle for the intro again)
Hypnosis - Godmode
Underwater Exploration - Godmode
Fat Caps - Audionautix
Spring Field - Godmode
Candlepower - Chris Zabriskie
Atlantis - Audionautix
Sprite Star - Saidbysed
Hello - OMFG (fo the pyrocynical 250k thing) (thanks again for 250k) (lmao "so guys we did it" okay pyro) (jk jk congrats on 250k pyro)
On the Island - Godmode
Satya Yuga - Jesse Gallagher
Dentist's Office - Lud and Schlatts Musical Emporium
Thunderbird - Kevin MacLeod
Hypnosis - Godmode

lotta tracks godam

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

funny minecraft scary create mod letsplay and distant horizons and also pollution, hillarious!
sftil goidng this
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 days ago

O,KAY !!! :face-blue-wide-eyes:I GOT IT !:face-orange-raised-eyebrow:

946 |


4 days ago

That's got to be one of the saddest deaths of hardcore, death by pink petals

3.9K |


3 days ago

"Golly jee! I wonder why it's lagging so much!" The 12000 pink petals on the ground

1.4K |


3 days ago

12:52 The foreshadowing! I didn't even realize! I was just like "haha, you died, not actually" and then... Wow

209 |


4 days ago

I genuinely forgot the series was hardcore before you died. I don't think any of us are watching this for the hardcore part. This is one of my favorite and one of the most creative ideas for a Minecraft world I've seen.

2.8K |


4 days ago

Petition to keep the series going since the hardcore part was the least interesting thing

15K |


2 days ago

Please bro dont stop the series, like people actually dont care about the hardcore. Just keep it going I absolutely love your passion and personality

50 |


3 days ago

Don't stop it. Restart it in normal mode. I think this is so fun to watch, and im not the only one

68 |


4 days ago

Man it's so wild that Thrite just tripped and fell into a pile of pink petals that broke his fall and saved him from dying.

1.8K |


4 days ago

I never stopped caring for my grandmother quicker

5.6K |


3 days ago

You should keep going as no-one cared about the hardcore part because all we cared about was your cool personality and because we enjoy this fun series.

143 |


3 days ago

that ending was nature's revenge for cutting down an entire island worth of trees

18 |


4 days ago

I personally don't think anyone would care if you continued the series because its so good 😭

4.9K |


4 days ago

I dont know if its what you want, but Id be willing to "forget" this clearly lag induced death to see the series continue

2.3K |


3 days ago

PLEASE KEEP THIS SERIES GOING!!! honestly I'd rather you didn't have billons of petals than lose the fun you could have here

25 |


3 days ago

Please continue man, none of us care that its hardcore, seriously this has potential to be one of the greatest series of all time.

15 |


3 days ago

How ironic, to bear witness to the fate of Thrite as he was cast down from his brick and mortar temple, stifled by the very petals of the forest he cut down, his endeavors never to continue again, a stalwart message for all those who wish to exploit the nature of nature, that they too, are part of it.

619 |


4 days ago

I think we'd all be willing to forget your little "accident" just so you can continue this playthrough!

1.5K |


3 days ago

20:57 aw :(( you deserve it, you’re very entertaining and comforting. watching your vids feels like chilling out playing together with a friend late at night

14 |


3 days ago

Not breathing until thrite continues the series

8 |

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