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Coding a Custom Minecraft Horror Dimension to Keep a Secret
 60 FPS video
5,570,201 Views • Premiered Nov 18, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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8 months ago

Check out the new Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 patch and their console update here! hoyo.link/3QEfFQBL Use my code 5S9BND25CRBK to redeem Stellar Jade ×50 #ad

4.2K |


7 months ago

I like how once they saw the locker room, they assumed they were places to hide, which made it even more scary for them

10K |


7 months ago

The fact that, buried far beneath all of this so out of sight that you need to look at the code to see it, there's a pixelated PNG of a cucumber is very amusing.

11K |


5 months ago

19:14 thank you for actually understanding that entities make liminal spaces suck

3.3K |


4 months ago

heya! one of the OG backrooms writers here. this is unironically some of the best liminal space content i've seen since this whole thing started. the choice to only add the one hostile mob at the end was truly excellent; you got right what so many people get so wrong. absolutely amazing stuff, i'm truly blown away!

1.8K |


8 months ago

Rat is probably the only person I've ever seen who will solve problems with an entire dimension of thalassophobic horror

5.9K |


8 months ago

The fact that the liminal pools are a french territory is objectively the scariest part of this entire dimension

23K |


2 months ago

31:27 "i understand" when talon said 'no' to being let free of this hell hole just shows his commitment to his sons, rip poolies1 and 2

178 |


4 months ago

"I wanna try out this mod" rat: this place is french territory "nvm"

178 |


8 months ago

You should add a "Minor Gouser" to the overworld and its just a normal anglerfish.

4K |


7 months ago

I like to imagine that the poolfish are larval forms of the grandgousier, which implies that either they reproduce in the first stage of their life, or, more unsettlingly, they can somehow climb between levels

4.4K |


4 months ago

41:25 this is easily my favorite part🤣 the fact that nox heard the monster then slowly backed away while you can see the teeth come into the light is so perfectly captured💀

79 |


4 months ago

27:03 in my opinion you should have left this in cause the idea of some fish breaking the sound barrier to mate is hilarious

39 |


8 months ago

"Warning, entering ecological dead zone. Adding report to data bank" HELLISH SCREAMS

6.4K |


8 months ago

41:38 Hearing Noxintrus yell for help only to have his voice cut off by the jaws of a Leviathan Grandgousier was some actual horror movie stuff. This mod was SSS tier. Amazing work!

4.1K |


5 months ago

11:40 to 12:10 never fails to make me laugh, Rat's sheer confusion and disbelief at what's going is just sends me everytime. Especially his flabbergasted " WHAT THE HEEEEELL?!" at the interdimensional glitch. I rewatch this video sometimes just for that.

49 |


1 month ago

14:26 " Not even a bit i got genuinely fooled by my own magic " 15:06 " Yes i know , Most original rat named critter "

16 |


7 months ago

The pov of Winsweep when the Adult ate his friend was amazing! A quick panicking scream coming from the depths, unsure of what's happening down there, and then all of a sudden, the tips of enormous jaws snap from the abyss. And silence. Absolutely phenomenal.

2.2K |


6 months ago

i like how from their perspective, specially the end where they talk about getting rid of rat permantly, they think rat is this evil mastermind but when you look at rats perspective its like "haha trap people with giant fish bc of petty"

2K |


5 months ago

oh I LOVE that lvl 3 abyss. I'm a sucker for that sort of environment with the distant lights glinting through the darkness, and the shader just ties it all together

76 |

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