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6 months after I got married in Alchemia Story, I got divorced in Toram.

Thanks to the supporters on Patreon and Twitch who keep the channel alive x
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4 days ago

"let's play toram online and hope my wife from another game doesn't find out" is the name from an isekai anime you didn't expect to make you cry, but it did regardless

1.7K |


4 days ago

You're right, Josh. This isn't Final Fantasy 14. It's Final Fantasy 11.

1.7K |


3 days ago

Asobimo vet here, only headache from playing their games is usually post story which involves community driven economy and party specific setups for certain boss/raids/farms. Harder levels usually requires this, in Toram Online’s case post level 100 you’d want to have a party specific setup to fight certain bosses/farm since difficulty ramps up from there on, with a small community sometimes its hard to find parties in global/local chat. Otherwise, fun game when played with friends since the game gets super strategic in some point

154 |


3 days ago

Hi toram online player here with over 4k hours in the game. This game is fun, and with the comparison to ff14 I find more charming than a detriment as I have played both and toram is a free game with an optional membership that only really gives you some exp boosts that you could get for free through online events. the main issues with the game really only start appearing at the end game. defense in this game is very strange, you can't afford to spend stat points in more than two stats on characters, and defense does not help you at all in this game. instead tanks take res% armor instead. this leads to the endgame being dps or get 1 shot which can make some bosses brutal to fight. another gripe thats rather minor but can lead new players astray is that despite the large player base, active players mostly stick to the international 1 server. there are more servers in this game than there are players to fill them. this causes some players that play on US servers or global servers thinking the game is dead which i definitely isn't. this game also has a gacha cash shop system and free and paid orbs are considered the same for most items however the banners do not last very long, a day at most which leads to saving and playing every day until that item comes back, not to mention there is no pity system like most gacha games which leads to alot of frustration with the system that alot of players avoid. the economy in the game is not very good. inflation is rampant due to a lot of eastern players botting the game and inflating the amount of spina available, and the cost of items from the paid shop can be extremely expensive. making money as someone who doesn't want to touch the shop much and obeys the TOS can be frustrating. there are easy ways of farming for money and exploiting events and hording items but it can be a struggle starting out. despite all of these gripes I love this game. I have made some of the best friends from the community and laughed, cried and persevered through the game to get where I am and I'm grateful for this game despite its many flaws. I definitely think you should try it out if you are interested in it and I highly recommend finding a solid guild to help you through the game. people are really willing to help newbies get into this game we all love. tl:dr: this game has flaws, but its a great game and worth playing. find a guild to help you through and you can begin to see the amazing things this game has to offer.

194 |


4 days ago

This is what people think you play when you tell them "Anime game"

2.1K |


4 days ago

Fun fact, Toram doesn't have something called Weapon Scaling, you can use a weapon with high damage even when you're still at Lv 1

400 |


2 days ago

19:18 Fun fact about the death mechanic! Apart from the struggle button, your party members can choose to "heal" your character at the expense of MP. This doesn't outright revive you but rather it drastically shortens the time it takes for you to Revive on your own. So during boss encounters, you have an option whether to prioritize damaging the boss or saving a downed teammate.

49 |


3 days ago

Toram actually encourages socialization because if you add a player as a friend or join a guild, you get free access to mercenaries. These mercenaries could be LEVELS ahead of you and can one-shot bosses which makes farming a breeze, but part-breaking becomes difficult. Some players are generous with their equipments and can make an awesome one for you or give away their old one (which are still OP).

51 |


4 days ago

I played Toram Online for a little bit on my phone a good time ago. When I was homeless but had a job. I was just able to afford to eat, have a gym membership for showers, able to buy food, but not enough to rent a room or a place to stay. It was pretty fun, I suppose. But now it just gives me a very sad feeling, but a somehow familiar, friendly feeling.

405 |


4 days ago

"... and I don't own a ukulele." Savage

1.1K |


4 days ago

“Sounds like a job for a guy with a katana” is a great line.

96 |


4 days ago

"Time to pulverize a colon" segued into "I've been reminded of my wife" is so suss that not even the implied authority of your vest can forgive the need for an explanation

128 |


4 days ago

When fighting bosses that are too hard to kill, you can actually lower the difficulty of the boss down from level 1 to 0, essentially putting it on easy mode and allowing you to progress through the story. That boss you got stuck on is usually the boss when this strategy is necessary, and you'll likely use it for the rest of the story unless you've got a good group of friends to run with.

341 |


4 days ago

As someone who suffers from possible irritable bowel syndrome, Boss Colon is way too real.

403 |


3 days ago

First MMO i played. There is more thing: 1. Can go fishing 2. Building your dream house 3. Capture and Leveling a pets (stray pets from the house system or taming a wild pets in the map) 4. Minigame from house system that rewarding you a free skill point 5. Changing armor set to light or heavy 6. Able to create armor and weapon by became a blacksmith (Tec & Luk) 7. Able to create item by became a synthesist (Tec) 8. Farming material from mob to boss (Luk) 9. Became a tank and supporter class 10. Raising a stat is not always follow the recommendation (like Str>Dex & Dex>Str) 11. Event like season or collab is exist and has a lot of reward 12. Can ask in Shout to join a guild (lf guild) 13. Sell anything in consignment more 14. Can do maze, raid boss, and guild quest 15. Cooking a buff food 16. Can solo the boss if you already know the pattern of boss attack even a raid boss 17. Learning ailment from boss or player like dizzy, armor break, lethargy, poison 18. Finding useful regislet on stoodie 19. Challenge dungeon that gives you reward regarding your ability 20. Side quest that reward you an item weapon, add gear, special gear, even a skill book This game feels like i can't go out from the house that has everything i need. If someone stumbled through this comment and want to play this game, it's okay if you like it or not like it. sorry if there are any errors, thank you.

37 |


2 days ago

Finally, it has been reviewed! Edit: A few missed stuff here and there but overall a great review for newer players. - The dodge mechanic for the katana is actually a buff for certain skills. It is advisable to master this as it could give you an advantage later game. - During the Flare Volg mission, you could actually talk to Shreya for assistance. - You can leave the boss areas if the boss is way too powerful and you can manually change the difficulty that your character could survive in. - Combos do not drain your mp quicker, rather, you can actually save more mp with certain "buffs" that you can select for your combo. You can also INCREASE your mp usage if you apply "Smite" in your combo, if you leave it alone and unchained. - The cash shop is genuinely user friendly and that you don't really need to buy stuff from it unless you are gunning for certain items such as pseudoweight potions, piercers, or even avatar items (in which avatar tickets can be used instead). - There is a mercenary system that comes with adding friends. You can use their characters as a mercenary, which allows you to fight and survive better. This depends on whether or not they've registered themselves as a merc, however. - You can pair EVERY SKILL TREE together. granting you unlimited access to other skill tree buffs and debuffs, though be warned, as a new player, do not attempt this until you feel comfortable with your stat points and skill allocations. - The reason why some CB items are expensive is not because of players being greedy (though some prices are way too expensive) but because of how hard some of it is to craft, stat, and even pierce with different Crystas. - There is a system called "proration," meaning that if you attack with the same auto attacks or attack skills, you might find those attacks which deal 1.5k dmg lowered, dealing only 500 dmg instead. It basically stops you from constantly spamming attacks, and teaches you to attack with different skills to increase your potential damage.

10 |


4 days ago

Something else to note about the "Revive Here" timer when you die: Friendly players can use skills to help people that've been defeated. These skills will remove a certain amount of time from said timer too rather than getting the player back up immediately. So while you don't have to keep tapping, it certainly makes the healer's job a lot easier if you actively help the healer get you back on your feet too. Also, the comparison to FF14 is exactly what I made as well to my friends.

141 |


4 days ago

"Playing an MMO hoping my wife from another world doesn't find out" is a slice of life isekai I would watch.

182 |


3 days ago

It's actually quite funny. ALMOST every old mmo game Josh has these comments; 1. "Man this game used to be good" 2. "This game wasn't plagued with p2w trash" 3. "If you want to play this game, play this server" In this video however, both old and new players still praise it to this day. Everyone was concerned Josh would slam this game to the ground like Alchemia. Everyone also unanimously agrees this game isn't heavily p2w, or even slightly p2w. It speaks miracles for a 9 year old MMO mobile game. Although, everyone also unanimously agrees Grinding in this game is a negative but then again, this is an MMO. Grinding is synonym to MMO.

55 |


3 days ago

The first enemy is a colon? Just like every morning for me.

12 |

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