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This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday October 21 and Friday October 27, 2023.

β†’ r/hermitcraft Discord: discord.gg/U5QbH9pWG4
β†’ Website: www.hermitcraft.com/
β†’ Twitter: twitter.com/hermitcraft_
β†’ Reddit: www.redlib.matthew.science/r/HermitCraft
β†’ Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/hermitcraft_/
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YouTube Comments - 85 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 months ago

Some say, Etho is still in that pit

611 |


6 months ago

Etho really just sat in a hole for longer than this week's recap episode lasted huh

671 |


6 months ago

Ah yes the infamous 53 minute run, Gem could have completed her entire phase in that time

557 |


6 months ago

Doc: "No one will hear me scream into the void" Xisuma: "Hey that was loud"

43 |


6 months ago

Etho being stuck in that pit was awesome. He was trying to find an opening and things just kept not working out. He had a lot on the line in terms of embers. I thought it was amazing. Also, it was priceless when he realized he could have used the jump boost to get out after it had already expired. Add all the hermits teasing him and Tango punching him from behind the wall and the moment was hilarious. Loved everything about it!!

81 |


6 months ago

The Etho incident was so fun! Some would call it a waste of time, but I say it was worth it!

436 |


6 months ago

Wouldn't it, Etho? WOULDN'T IT?!? lol this is why I love this channel so much haha

167 |


6 months ago

Well, looks like I've got a Tango VOD to watch.

73 |


6 months ago

Tango: "A cardboard box washed up in the hole." Takes a closer peek and notices a downed Etho "Holy fishpaste, it's a guy!"

152 |


6 months ago

When all easter eggs are found we need a compilation of all clips when they got found.

115 |


6 months ago

Honestly the blue river raceway is such an incredible build, overshadowed by decked out! Can’t wait to see the hermits race on it

25 |


6 months ago

1:23 "You know, Scar's got that special way of screaming, he's just like 'AAAAAHHH-hoo-hoo-hoo'!"

9 |


6 months ago

Etho is absolutely wilding rn

31 |


6 months ago

ahhhh i loved that Etho run. I was genuinely surprised he didn't make it out of the dungeon. For a section of him being down there, on the vod i put on yakety sax as he was waiting/trying to herd the ravagers out of the way.

15 |


6 months ago

Not even two minutes in and I am already loving the references, you guys are really funny!

46 |


6 months ago

That piano is something to look forward to every week :D

22 |


6 months ago

That run is going to cost etho a head for every minute spent in that pit.

13 |


6 months ago

"20,000 wither skulls in a box" thats a nuclear warhead πŸ’€

5 |


6 months ago

Thanks for this. Between life series, decked out, and reality (not even touching the vault hunters yet!) I have no time for actual Hermitcraft - except Scar. πŸ˜‚

21 |


6 months ago

Love the throws to bonus content by the hermits xD The infamous vod was hysterical! Excellent recap again!

4 |

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