will she come back 
walking on train tracks 
lights are moving so fast 
ghost on train tracks 

i come her every night 
trying to say goodbye 

will she come back 
walking on train tracks 

i dont think so 
i dont think so 
i just want yo to be here 
i dont think so 

will she come back 
walking on train tracks 
will she come back 
walking on train tracks
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K Parker

I recently discovered girl in red and I'm so sad she doesn't have more songs. Her voice is mesmerizing

4 years ago - 2.1K Likes

Zackarie Demone

It's sad that people find this type of music when they feel sad or suicidal.

4 years ago - 1.6K Likes

Matilda p

This is one of those songs, there'll never be another one that make you feel exactly the way you do with this

9 months ago - 20 Likes

jette we

idk why but girl in red is such good study music, my grades had gone up since i listen to her, because i concentrate more lol

1 year ago - 23 Likes


To all the people who listen to this song cuz they feel sad, you, yes you, know that you are amazing, that the world needs you, that you are perfect just the way you are, that you have all your life to live, and life is beautiful, you will meet people that will make you feel like the trasure you are, you will live lots of beautiful experiences and discover lots of awesome musics, texts, people, places, sensations. Some day you will loke to your past and say "i'm proud that i struggled to stay alive" you will want to say to the person you were that everything will be okay, and that life deserves to be lived <3

2 years ago - 138 Likes

Zackarie Demone

I need this on spotify

4 years ago - 146 Likes

oogity boogity

I’ve never been in a relationship but this song still hits hard somehow

1 year ago - 9 Likes

howto pepsicola

first time listening to girl in red.
first impression: i love it 100/10

2 years ago - 109 Likes

rubble gum

this song hits different when your girlfriend just broke up with you two weeks ago :(

2 years ago - 141 Likes

jenna talia

I fell in love with my best friend and I don't know what to do

4 years ago - 1.3K Likes

Fabiola Antolin Araya


1 year ago - 7 Likes

BTS 07

This is so beautiful, why is it underrated? This songs needs a LOT LOT MORE recognition

1 year ago - 3 Likes

Molly Larson

Edit: she and cavetown should collab

3 years ago - 516 Likes

Captain Kitteh

This makes me cry every time, I fell in love with my best friend and she left 2 years ago

2 years ago - 54 Likes


Why haven’t I heard this song from her before?

3 years ago - 371 Likes

the mandalorian

listening to this, wondering if my girlfriend will ever come back.. we didn’t break up, she says she is confused and feels differently, so i gave her space to understand her feelings better. it hurts me so much, but i still hope she will come back

2 years ago - 4 Likes

levi the dragon

I fell in love with my best friend (they're non-binary and queer, I'm a queer cis girl if it's relevant) and I asked them out today. They used to have feelings for me but they don't anymore, they told me. I want so desperately to keep them in my life but I need some time to recover from this. What makes it even more is my debut EP was supposed to be about them... I wrote it about them and I felt like we could wind up together but now I just feel heartbroken. So so heartbroken and I hate it. They haven't seen that I texted them telling them I still wanted to be in their life, I just needed time. I hope they'll still let me be in their life. It would hurt me so much more if I ruined our friendship. I wish I hadn't asked them out so badly because even if it meant I just ignored my feelings I wouldn't feel like I might have ruined things. Sorry this is kinda long, I just needed to vent I guess.

1 year ago - 3 Likes

Martyna Durlik

Don't lose hope. She came back

4 years ago - 173 Likes


we need this but the one hour version PLEASE

2 years ago - 13 Likes

Claro Clara

To everybody that's saying this song gives them Life Is Strange Chloe x Rachel vibes listen I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend by Girl In Red. Highly recommended.

4 years ago - 573 Likes