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Eminem Takes the Stage in Fortnite’s The Big Bang Event
6,233,233 Views • Dec 2, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Eminem makes a world-shattering appearance in Fortnite’s The Big Bang event.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY/SEIZURES WARNING: This sequence of Fortnite's Big Bang event contains flashing lights. If you have a history of photosensitivity, consult a doctor before entering the event or watching this video. IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE if you experience any discomfort.

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#eminem #fortnite #thebigbang
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Views : 6,233,233
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Dec 2, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.912 (5,215/231,685 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

I wish it was longer

22K |


2 months ago

I'm 24, been listening to Em since i was 9, Still blows me away that he's going strong and will always be the GOAT

698 |


2 months ago

Huge respect to Eminem, he's been my favorite artist for so long and it's amazing to see how he's still going. Love from Canada ♥

1.6K |


1 month ago

Hey Em, I know you probably won’t read this, but like, man you’re awesome. You got a lot of people in this world that look up to you, and it’s the little things that make us happy. This was f*cking awesome

294 |


2 months ago

He deserved a full on concert

450 |


3 weeks ago

Great job eminem i have listened to u ever since my mom first played u in her car and after that i was hooked. I know almost all of the words to alot of ur songs. Just keep going man. Even after abuse, heartbreak, and depression this man has always been the GOAT so just keep on it man😊

9 |


2 months ago

He's been rapping for 35 years and still going strong most artists don't make it a decade. Major respect

14K |


2 months ago

Agreed. Glad to see you still topping charts man, you deserve a vacation and I'm proud of you!

167 |


2 months ago

So glad you did this song with Juice WRLD in it, especially since it was his birthday. Thank you Eminem for your music, what you've been sharing your life story and what you been through. Keep making music and LLJW 🕊

569 |


1 month ago

even after a month this still gives me goosebumps

53 |


2 months ago

dude, i never used to like eminem. but now of recently i love him love his music. major respect to this man

53 |


1 month ago

Yo Eminem, huge respect towards ya, you been my fav artist for a long time! Love from Romania

3 |


2 months ago

Eminem is always and was always good. But it's really sad, that the concert was so short. They could make a 10 minute concert of it, like the other's (Travis, ariana, marshmello). But the concert was great.

5.4K |


2 months ago

This was insane live. Was laughing my ass off that day when I saw the little Eminem go "YEAH!" while pumping his fist to the monstrous Eminem.

70 |


2 months ago

His performance in the Fortnite Live Event only increased my love for his music, he is a truly iconic and amazing artist!

40 |


1 month ago

Dude literally came from an old trailer in Detroit to making it in one of the biggest gaming franchises to ever exist…well done Em

33 |


2 months ago

During this part of the event, I was singing right with him. Truly amazing 👏

60 |


1 month ago

The bars never end. Total respect

9 |


2 months ago

Respect to the people that had to animate Eminem's lips to sync the lyrics that must've been insane.

1K |


2 months ago

I have been a huge fan since my teens. He just always stays relevant. Love it!!

21 |

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