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Crazy Copper Farm and Zedaph's Hole! - Hermitcraft 10 #14
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259,987 Views • Jun 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Time to make some copper for our Steampunk Factory build!
We also check out Pearl's new game and examine the depths of Zedaph's hole.

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Views : 259,987
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Date of upload: Jun 10, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 days ago

Watching you play Wordle without making real words and Pearl not having a problem with it was so hard lol

603 |


4 days ago

extra info from the stream: Tango said he intends to build an (air)ship around the copper farm in the sky

1.3K |


3 days ago

Hermits: "Keep it PG guys" Tango & Zedaph: "Holes for the Aerial Sheep Service"

142 |


4 days ago

Whenever Scar is near complex redstone, I imagine the redstone person is sweating heavily already. Then when Scar says he was redstoning there.....

422 |


4 days ago

I can't believe Tango made a copper farm so good he had to add a cruise control mode.

556 |


4 days ago

51:55 the death message should say “Zedaph didn’t want to live in the same world as Tango” as Tango knocked him into the void.

684 |


4 days ago

Haven’t even watched the video yet, but you had me at “Zedaph’s hole”

642 |


4 days ago

Oh you can so easily convince bdubs he owes you redstone. He really just wants to show you his redstone prowess

256 |


4 days ago

I'm pretty sure Etho owes you a favor after you graciously allowed him the privilege of setting up all the mailboxes.

149 |


4 days ago

A truly unique way to go from base to base. If you break the bedrock around the hole and place froglights in its place, the hole will be more visible

629 |


4 days ago

the OVERWHELMING amount of innuendos from tango and zedaph is INSANE.

149 |


4 days ago

Having the pigs beneath bedrock makes me think that they could dangle pigs with saddles the entire distance between their bases so they wouldn't even have to fly, just swap between pigs.

226 |


4 days ago

I don't want to get all sappy or anything but I just wanted to say the way that you encourage Pearl to learn Redstone and consistently tell her how great a job she's doing n everything... That's just seriously, really awesome man. Respect.

95 |


4 days ago

Interesting title Tango I'll give you that much

472 |


4 days ago

Pearl is too hard on herself sometimes about her redstone. She is doing a fantastic job learning and putting it into practice. Good on her! I'm glad you've taken it upon yourself to teach her deeper aspects of redstone. She's thriving!

42 |


4 days ago

can't escape the hole jokes even on hermitcraft😭😭😭😭(i love it)

243 |


4 days ago

When I saw the length of the video, I had to double check if I was looking at the second channel by mistake. I'm excited for what's to come.

151 |


4 days ago

imagine a network of pigs with saddles dangling under the bedrock, close enough to one another to hop between them by right clicking. I't be the most hilarious way to move between 2 bases.

38 |


4 days ago

Have your hole exposed to the outside world. 42:17

93 |


4 days ago

I'm glad I got to see this from your perspective. The reason Scar drowned is he was crouching. That's why he couldn't get out of the stream.

23 |

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