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Aphex Twin at Field Day 2023 (NTS 360 video)
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292,385 Views • Premiered Aug 27, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

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Aphex Twin performs live in 360 video. Filmed at Field Day 2023 at Luno Presents All Points East in Victoria Park.

Creative Director - Weirdcore (@weirdcoretv)
Exec Producer - Chantal Adams (@chantal_adams), Samuel Strang (@strang_snz), Sean McAullife (@seantmcauliffe)
Visuals by Weirdcore (@weirdcoretv)
Visuals Assistant - Alfie Dwyer (@ze.zima), Andrew Benson (@pixlpa), Kevin Kripper (@vsynth74), Misha Notley (@_mishanotley_), Archie Taylor (@archietaylor)
360 Video Director - Ian Burke DigitalSelf (@vrvideographer)
Video Producer - Chantal Adams (@chantal_adams)
Videographers – Sonni Rossi, Gurbs Dosanjh (@gurbstagram), Talia Beale (@talia_beale)
Cablecam - DGTL Concepts (@dgtlconcepts), Sam Wordsworth, Amelia Wordsworth, Matt Conroy
Drone - Harry Cawthorne (@harrycawthorne)
BTS Videographer - Omar Allsop (@omarserge1)
Spatial Audio Recording & Mix - Call & Response
Spatial Audio Recording - Jono Cary (@jonocarysound)
Live Audio Engineering & Recording Mastering - Jamie Harley (@oldvalvemic)
Stage Monitoring – Paul Hatt
360 Video Editor - Ian Burke @ DigitalSelf (@vrvideographer)
Lighting Designer - Dave Ross (@darossld)
Lazer Designer - ER Productions (@erlasersandsfx)
Special thanks to Annabel Wilson, Andy Sweeney, James Burton, Luke Huxham, Ned Beckett, Tom Slater and Will Dickson

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Genre: Music
Date of upload: Premiered Aug 27, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.904 (232/9,459 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


8 months ago

Watch in full screen to explore the 360 video (ensure YouTube Quality settings are set to 4K with fast internet connection). On mobile devices, open in the app. Also playable on virtual reality headsets.

120 |


8 months ago

00:03 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... 00:39 ID 02:05 ID (Darius Stimming/Raja Kirik?¿) 04:29 Jimmy Crash - Crash Course 07:22 Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix) 09:51 Squarepusher - Schizm Track 2 Mix 11:54 Aphex Twin - 180Db_ [130] 13:47 Hyph11E - Black Pepper (Slikback Remix) 15:05 Shinra Knives - laced blunt 17:32 Ceephax Acid Crew - Acid Whorl 19:21 Aphex Twin - rfc pt8 23:11 (AFX - Novation AFX Station track unreleased) 26:23 Klahrk & KAVARI - Splinters (Fausto Mercier Remix) 27:14 EPROM - Facebang (Acid Mix) 29:05 (AFX - Brooklyn trk 2019 unreleased) 31:45 Sorcery - Mirrors of Perception (Kangding Ray remix) 32:09 AFX - s8v1 [brooklyn] 34:14 EDM K - Lord Of The Flies 35:36 N1L - Iguana Love Bite 38:01 ID 40:07 (AFX - Manchester trk 2019 unreleased, non officially so named "Bliss 2d g-major" ) 41:53 ID (AFX unreleased, potentially part of previous track) 43:17 4 Hero - The Elements (remix) 45:05 Mescalinum United - The 2nd Coming 47:55 AFX - PWSteal.Bancos.Q 50:22 X-103 - Eruption 53:28 ABADIR - Anti 56:21 Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - Tachyon Particles 58:51 CEP2PLET - Standard CEP Interest 01:01:12 (AFX - Best Kept Secret trk 2023 unreleased) 01:02:57 ID (AFX - Field Day trk 2023 unreleased ?¿) 01:05:14 Aphex Twin - in a room7 F760 01:08:45 Johnny Jungle - Johnny '94 (Kings Of The Jungle Remix) 01:11:17 AFX - TXT1+4 ds8 flngchords[sketch0.1b] 01:13:27 Sutsurukeki - Futwark Malossi 01:15:24 Renick Bell - Nucenosis Set 200425 (excerpt) 01:16:15 CEP2PLET - The True Identities of the Reptilians 01:17:44 Slikback - RAM 01:20:39 KAVARI - Attachment Style (VIP) 01:23:17 Paradox Music - Dirty City 01:25:20 Current Value - Mothman 01:26:27 HFK - Flashcore Ambient Glitch v​.​2 (2018) 01:28:21 CEP2PLET - CEV2drow 7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\7\

731 |


8 months ago

Finally i can put this on full blast and have a seizure Thanks NTS

383 |


8 months ago

Bless you NTS for recording this in all its glory.

302 |


8 months ago

So glad I made the pilgrimage to see him again, I last saw him 30 years ago! Best comment I heard someone in the crowd say once it had finished was "Now I feel my soul has been cleansed" 😊

114 |


8 months ago

This has to be one of the best afx recordings of all time.

41 |


8 months ago

Looking back at it, I can't believe that I experienced this madness live

73 |


8 months ago

i lost it at JOHNNYYYYYYY

37 |


8 months ago

Overheard in the crowd "WE SHOULD'VE NEVER LEFT BONOBO."

9 |


7 months ago

It's incredible how intense this set can get without devolving into incomprehensible chaos

11 |


8 months ago

What an insane show. It was definitely worth coming over from Ohio to finally see this legend.

33 |


8 months ago

This is as good as it gets. The quality of the whole performance is just exceptional. A defining electronic music moment for me. Just brilliant.

28 |


8 months ago

THANKS AGAIN NTS FOR BRINGING THIS APHEX TWIN SET THIS YEAR!!! This is going to be an experience, still jealous of the people who were able to assist there hope you had a great time!! IM SURE THIS GONNA BLAST!!! Come on you c*nts let's have some Aphex aceeed!!!!

61 |


8 months ago

Was a great time. Great great time. Bristol will be as well. Rip sophie.

12 |

8 months ago

Great to be able to watch Richard.

16 |


8 months ago

This mix and visuals are very acid like. It feels like you are tripping the whole way through. Moments of beauty and tranquility followed by bouts of albsolute madness. You never know what to expect next.

32 |


8 months ago

OMG 🔥I feel weird. Zapped back to days gone by. So good. The spacial sound/video is sick. Big ups NTS 👊 🔥AFX 🔥

14 |


8 months ago

Nice for richard to give us some banger beats before returning back to space.

9 |


8 months ago

these visuals are next level. weirdcore is to visual art what aphex is to auditory art. the two combined is magic

60 |


8 months ago

I hope the Novation Station track gets a proper release in a full length album, that track is fricking amazing!!! As well as the Bliss track 🙏🙏🙏🙏

22 |

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