‘I Had This Thing’ is taken from Röyksopp’s latest album 'The Inevitable End’. The track features Jamie Irrepressibles and describes “confusion, pain and remorse in the wake of loss”.

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I Had This Thing - Video Credits:

Producer : Nathan Scherrer
Producer: Ian Blair
Production Manager: Zach Wechter
Production Manager: Sara Lacombe
Production Coordinator: Vanda Jones
AD: E Class
2nd AD: Jesus Hernandez
DP: Sing Howe Yam
1st AC: Spencer Goodall
2nd AC: Devon Taaffe
Gaffer: Drew Valenti
BB Electric: Mike Viera
Dimmer Board Op: Eric Androvich
Key Grip: Matt Verschelde
BB Grip: Chris O'Leary
Production Designer: Tyler Jensen
Art Director: Nelson De Castro
Stylist: Nikki Parisi
Truck PA: Nick Reynolds
AD PA: Freddie
PA: Gil Barahona

Lead Female: Emily Rudd
Lead Male: Evan Bittencourt

Alan Green
Linda Ransom
Swee Khor
R. Ray Barnes
Libby Smith
Joey Odom
Jason Cho
Billy Collins
Zach Santos

Dog: Denzel
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Gabriel Ribeiro

God, I love the fact that Röyksopp makes sad songs that you can also dance in the club. Just amazing.

3 years ago - 229 Likes

Adel de Meyer

One of those songs where you just close your eyes and get lost inside the music!

7 years ago - 732 Likes

Manu Dassault

This is a masterpiece. You hear it once and you are under the spell. The game of voices, the sounds and the structure of the song are fascinating.

6 months ago - 30 Likes


Every track on this album is perfection

4 months ago - 23 Likes

Martin Van Kerckhoven

They should promote this song again. Utterly amazing and where I live (Belgium) unfortunately unknown.
This song has everything to be a major hit/success.

5 years ago - 42 Likes


this song helped and helps me through my saddest moments in my last 2,5 years. i hadnt known it before, until a friend invited me to her place to cheer me up, cause my relationship began to break. that song encouraged me to go on .... so i did. but i never managed to overcome the deeps and downs, so it seems better to end the toxic relationship finally. i dont understand the whole video, but in parts, i identify me with that guy. calling it quits, regretting it, restarting... god, i wish, fate would finally tell me, if my girl and me are meant to be. if she was cheating me or not. if i can trust her or not....
at least, music is loyal to me. someone sang "music was my first love, and it will be my last".... may it obviously be.

4 months ago - 14 Likes

Mike Louis

A life without regrets is truly a Unicorn.

2 months ago - 3 Likes

Mario Lemieux

Шикарная группа и шикарные песни.

7 years ago - 11 Likes

Sarah MacDonald

Jamie’s voice is so beautiful. 😍

1 year ago - 77 Likes

İrfan Bozkurt

How can a song remind me of moments that I miss and make me sway at the same time? Masters of their music, pure respect for the guys!

4 months ago - 4 Likes

Fernando Cardiel

AMO esta cancion, esta en mi top 10 de canciones favoritas. Antes la escuchaba porque me recordaba a alguien pero ahora la sigo escuchando por su buen ritmo.

4 years ago - 21 Likes

Michael Barkowski

I'm 41 years old, but this is one of the best trance songs ever I heard.

5 years ago - 8 Likes

Bob Hope

Just another stunningly beautiful tune... Again constantly on repeat!!!❤️❤️

3 months ago - 7 Likes


When songs come on that you never heard before but they are so fuxxing accurate

2 months ago - 2 Likes

Álvaro Montero Gutiérrez

Hoy estoy viviendo este disco, una joya invaluable. Todos tenemos la pena del final inevitable, cuando el amor se va y no regresa nunca nunca mas.

9 months ago - 15 Likes

Limelda Melfis

That voice, that music...Such a pleasure! Thanks Royksopp and Jamie!

7 years ago - 12 Likes

Agnes B.

His voice is pure passion.... i love it! <3

5 years ago - 6 Likes


This song is in a class of its own for me, Jamie has an amazing unique voice. Brings up powerful positive images of my lady who died a year ago. Knew her for 60 years. RIP

1 month ago - 3 Likes



1 year ago - 47 Likes

Paul Ferguson

Brings me back to happy days.

I just wish it didn't bring me to tears now.

10/10 song...

9 months ago - 1 Likes