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So yea, i made a massive mistake... - Hermitcraft 10 Behind The Scenes
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129,125 Views • Feb 26, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Iskall plays more on the hermitcraft season 10 server and realises the biggest mistake of the season lol

This is a behind the scenes video, the footage took place after completing Episode 8

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Views : 129,125
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Date of upload: Feb 26, 2024 ^^

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1 month ago

Use the mail system to create a Mail Order Rocket business! Let Hermits send you a shulker with diamonds and a return stamp, and they recieve rockets back in the mail. Kinda like Sahara Prime!

1K |


1 month ago

When you said "I don't want to hear creepers dying every day" I thought for sure you would cut to just behind beefs house or smthng

438 |


1 month ago

“I’ve messed up! And that’s kind of funny!”
I strive to have an outlook on mistakes that’s the same as Iskall’s.

67 |


1 month ago

Viewers: Show concern about how permits on the server will work
Iskall: Economics 101 lesson on the supply and demand model

377 |


1 month ago (edited)

I feel like the rocket pricing should be as simple as possible. For a diamond, a hermit gets a chance to get either 1 rocket, a stack of rockets, a shulker box full of rockets, a rock named "it", a bunch of sugarcane and gunpowder, or a few explosive rockets as a cubfan cross promotion.

96 |


1 month ago

A cyan coloured creeper farm

26 |


1 month ago (edited)

Iskall something to consider too is auto crafting both the rockets and the TNT. I'm sure you have considered that already, also it'd be nice if you could have a full auto refill system that piggy backed off of Tango and Etho's mail system. Mail your rockets to your shop and have it auto refill

336 |


1 month ago

Terraform the surface down 25 blocks. Don’t admit failure 🤣🤣😂😂

88 |


1 month ago

The Monstorolith is very much, creeper farm shaped... if it was a big wider all around.

121 |


1 month ago

Calcite is actually a lot more smoothly textured than the jarring light and dark of Diorite. I agree with you Iskall!

16 |


1 month ago

I think iwth a lot of things on hemitcraft people forget that the hermits talk to each outher in big meetings so a lot of the "problems" will be talked out there if they even come up

I think permits will bring a lot more hemitcraft intractions witch i enjoy a lot

13 |


1 month ago

I just assumed the hermit permits were just a complicated way of tricking mumbo into making a profitable shop.

6 |


1 month ago (edited)

Hallo, I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed this morning and Hermitcarft with vids and the streams today has really helped me get through the first ~10-15h now. Have been lurking for probably 9 hors now lol. I hope that you are aware what a massive positive influence you are on so many people’s lives. Thank you!

9 |


1 month ago

I love how his American accent is a mix of like 12 different regions but is somehow still convincing.

9 |


1 month ago

Gets called unprofessional by xisuma
camera cuts

4 |


1 month ago

For the price of the Rockets you could also make a list/book of wanted items for use as currency instead of just diamonds; for example - 32 x oxidised copper blocks per stack, or 128 oak logs (2 x stacks) per stack of rockets. This makes it a more creative way than people just going and mining tons of diamonds and buying whatever they want and you yourself also get more out of it.

83 |


1 month ago

"we are gonna rebuild the whole thing"

THE PAIN oh my god

16 |


1 month ago

So when talking about the concept of items not having value, I think that it also creates the opportunity for people to maybe sell experiences rather than the item. For example, what if you did a cut grass game where instead of just selling the cut grass you had to like, collect as much cut grass in a box as possible before time ran out or make a cool redstone grass dispenser instead of just the chest full with diamonds.
Obviously not everything is WORTH buying just to buy but if you make a shop like bdubs did for moss, you get a fun build, fun content, AND diamonds.

55 |


1 month ago

Yes! It's like every time i run out of content... Iskall-Man to the rescue!

12 |

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