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HORIZON: AN AMERICAN SAGA Trailer (2024) Kevin Costner
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2,631,036 Views • Feb 26, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
HORIZON: AN AMERICAN SAGA Trailer (2024) Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller
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Views : 2,631,036
Genre: Film & Animation
Date of upload: Feb 26, 2024 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 2.5K Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

Kevin Costner and Westerns are a match made in cinematic heaven. Can't wait to see him in this epic!

1.9K |


1 month ago

Kevin Costner is from a different generation of actors and westerns is where he shines.

548 |


1 month ago (edited)

First it was Dances With Wolves, then it was Wyatt Earp, then it was Open Range and now this. Love it!

202 |


1 month ago

FINALLY! Ever since "Dances With Wolves" i have wondered WHY, OH WHY not another real epic western with Kevin Costner leading the whole damn thing?!

288 |


1 month ago

Finally a movie worth seeing on the big screen theater!!! Thank you 🙏🌹

61 |


1 month ago

The score gives me a 90s movie nostalgia. Like those in legends of the fall or A river runs through it.

54 |


1 month ago

Can't wait. Way to go Kevin Costner. I was beginning to think Hollywood couldn't come up with anything but remakes but you proved you can. ❤🤠

63 |


1 month ago

Just learned of this project a few months ago. Apparently been working on it for like a decade and bankrolled it himself. Might actually go back to the theater for this

180 |


1 month ago

I watched 'Dances with Wolves' in the cinema in 1991 when I was 12 years old. Now I'm really looking forward to this movie, Trailer looks fantastic...

32 |


1 month ago

Its been too long since I have looked forward to a movie. So glad this is on the horizon.

15 |


3 weeks ago

I believe Silverado was Costner's 2nd movie and I REMEMBER an interview he did...just a "kid"...and he talked about how being in a Western Movie was his dream as a kid come true. Some actors just have a niche they fill out, act out. and you can just see they were born to play the role(s).

2 |


1 month ago

I am such a Kevin Costner fan. If this movie bears any resemblence of the quality to Dances With Wolves, I will drive hundreds of miles to see it. Stellar.

22 |


1 month ago

The first scene of the trailer, the door-opening shot, is a homage to tbe famous opening shot of John Ford’s “The Searchers” (1956)!

58 |


1 month ago

Hollywood has disappointed millions of us fans who grew up watching Westerns. Glad there are still throwback actors like Kevin Costner to keep the genre alive!

19 |


1 month ago

Westerns and Kevin Costner were and are made for each other! What wonderful work!! OMG!!!

41 |


1 month ago

There is nothing that can top a Costner western. he is an amazing actor, humanitarian and so down to earth. Looking forward to this in summer

19 |


1 month ago

Kevin Costner is underrated. Easily in my top 3 greatest actors of all time

18 |


1 month ago

Terrific Cast. Kevin in the directors seat after a long time. Eagerly waiting. Fingers crossed.

4 |


1 month ago

Kevin Costner has become the successor to such Western "greats" as Gary Cooper, John Wayne and
Randolph Scott, with the added gift of being a top notch film-maker. This looks like a timely treat for all
"Oater" fans. Roll on!!

1 |


2 weeks ago

Kevin Costner and Viggo Mortensen delivering big westerns this year... 2024 looking promising for the western films legacy

3 |

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