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All Into the Light Updates Tested (Update 7.3.6 Pre Vs Post) | Destiny 2
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239,259 Views • Apr 14, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Today we have our pre post testing for our Into the Light Update 7.3.6. There aren't a ton of changes in this one but still some note worthy ones to go over.
#destiny2 #intothelight #bungie

0:00 Intro
0:24 Quicksilver Storm
2:09 Whisper of the Worm
3:36 One Thousand Voices
4:40 Forerunner
5:38 The Last Word
6:28 Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers
11:01 Lightweight Bows
11:39 Precision Auto Rifles
12:08 Precision Hand Cannons
12:38 Adaptive Hand Cannons
13:26 Rapid-Fire Pulse Rifles
14:29 Lightweight Pulse Rifles
15:19 Adaptive Pulse Rifles
16:15 Rapid-Fire Scout Rifles
16:52 Precision Shotguns
17:11 Magnificent Howl
18:03 Sunshot (PvP Only)
18:30 Wish-Ender (PvP Only)
18:49 Primary Weapon Flinch (PvP Only)
19:40 Final Thoughts
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

Can't wait for final shape's raid where the Witness' dps phase is 3 minutes long and it is just them floating stationary in the air while 12 guardians plink plonk them with 70 Whisper of the worm rounds

950 |


1 month ago

Friendship ended with Quicksilver Storm, now Final Warning is my best friend

114 |


1 month ago

Quicksilver storm could shoot 5 rockets even with 1 magazine, not just 4. But man, that nerf sucks

275 |


1 month ago

1K voices doesn’t need controlled demolition. It needs something much more creative and cooler. My idea is this: make it so that holding down the trigger while it’s unleashing its beam allows the beam to keep firing and consuming ammo until it runs out. Massive giga laser of death pls Bungo

236 |


1 month ago

I think a cool idea for a 1K voices catalyst would be stuffing all your ammo into a single higher damage longer beam that gets more powerful the longer the beam lasts, kinda like a heavy trace rifle

138 |


1 month ago

Controlled Burst on 1k Voices would be a great catalyst

99 |


1 month ago

Thanks for all the testing you do! These videos are always so helpful.

16 |


1 month ago

Thank you for all the effort you put into testing all this stuff out

3 |


1 month ago

Appreciate these breakdown videos. Giving us good information clearly and with accuracy. 🙏

2 |


1 month ago

A very simple catalyst for 1k would just be "your solar ignitions increase the damage and charge speed of your next 1k shot" (no buff timer, procs while stowed). This gives the same benefits as a controlled burst perk (since you need to hit all ticks for the ignite anyway) but also makes it useful for stop and go gameplay like nightfalls etc where you creating ignitions from other sources.

8 |


1 month ago

I'm happy for the flinch change. I honestly haven't enjoyed PVP in a long time because of it. It wasn't the idea of flinch that bothered me. It's just how severe it could be

11 |


1 month ago

make the 1k voices catalyst particle deconstruction

61 |


1 month ago

One Thousand Voices needs controlled burst as a caty 👌

29 |


1 month ago

Lunas howl (OG) was my 1st 1k PVP kills. Im happy to see it come back

12 |


1 month ago

I rely on these videos man thank you guys seriously for all your hard work



1 month ago

Thanks for the effort making these vid's Aztecross!



1 month ago

some of my favorite content from you are these massive sandbox changes. all the updated info need in one vid



1 month ago

As usual, thank you for the breakdown of info and the math as well



1 month ago

My go-to channel for when big sandbox changes happen !! Keep up the good work



1 month ago

Most definitely alot of time dedication here. Much appreciated 😊


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