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Atom Eve Tries to Lend Mark a Shoulder | Invincible | Prime Video
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125,109 Views • Apr 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Super ready for more action? Invincible seasons 1 and 2 are out now on Prime Video.

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About Invincible:
INVINCIBLE is an adult animated superhero series that revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who’s just like every other guy his age — except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man. But as Mark develops powers of his own, he discovers his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

About Invincible Season 2: After an earth-shattering betrayal, Mark fights to rebuild his life. In the face of apocalyptic threats, he discovers new allies and wrestles with his greatest fear - that he might become his father.

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Atom Eve Tries to Lend Mark a Shoulder | Invincible | Prime Video
   • Atom Eve Tries to Lend Mark a Shoulde...  

Prime Video

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YouTube Comments - 237 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

Its honestly good that Mark didn't rush into a relationship with Eve. He doesn’t need a girlfriend right now, he just needs a FRIEND

1.1K |


1 month ago

As much as i want these 2 together, im glad it didnt happen in this moment

1.6K |


1 month ago

"You don't deserve this" is such a clever double meaning

894 |


1 month ago

Eve has to be the closest to having the most tragic past next to Mark. They both deserve to feel something close to genuine happiness. And I hope season 3 puts them together.

1.4K |


1 month ago

Seeing older Eve so depressed and full of regret made me so sad. But Mark did the right thing here by not rushing. Aside from all that he suffered lately, he also needs to feel the exact same way Eve feels about him, and I don't think he is there yet. He likes Eve sure, but Eve loves him. It's understandable that Mark needs a bit more time. But it's comforting that Eve actually gets that and she knows she needs to be his best friend through the rough patches. I just hope they have a happy ending. I just can't take another heartbreak you two 💔

697 |


1 month ago

"I miss my wife, tails. I miss her a lot."

373 |


1 month ago

Best emotional moment in the show so far

304 |


1 month ago

I so glad they’re not rushing this relationship, yes they’re endgame but they both need to heal, especially mark dude has been through hell.

225 |


1 month ago

POWER COUPLE of the show.

286 |


1 month ago

Mark did the right thing. It’s too soon for him to be in another relationship after all that he went through. Right now, he needs time to recover.

132 |


1 month ago

What makes Eve have such a natural connection with Mark is the fact that she has already seen the elephant more than once and been trampled. She, like him, has experienced how her powers isolated her from the people around her and prevented her from living a normal life. She began her career of heroism even younger, less prepared than him, and was in a situation close to death. She discovered terrible secrets from her past and saw how evil people could be. She saw loved people die in front of him and was powerless to save them, trauma, that brought her close to the dark side, when she almost killed her attackers in revenge.

70 |


1 month ago

I never even really gave a shit about on screen relationships in any tv show or movie but I want these two together already. This show is so fucking good.

286 |


1 month ago

The hardest part is knowing it’s only going to get worse for them from here on in. Hope they can be happy together

96 |


1 month ago

At this moment Mark just needed a shoulder to cry on from a close companion that would understand the dangers and sacrifices of being a hero and the emotional baggage that comes with It, and he almost went to Amber, but he chose Eve Instead. And that says all we need to know.

133 |


1 month ago

Even with all of the action and fighting in this show, these are the moments I love the most. The humanity, and the love in the dialog. The writing is good.

47 |


1 month ago

She just perfect, u can see how she accurate in this moment with him, told him exactly he must hear in this moment of personal, mental crisis. I hope he will make her happy in a future <3

117 |


1 month ago

1:39 Eve saying what we’re all thinking. Mark has been suffering so much on his own. He doesn’t deserve it.

19 |


1 month ago

I know this is gonna be a great relationship down the line. Even though they didn’t rush into things here (which was definitely the right thing to do) it left the season on such a great moment. A comforting head touch… such an amazing warm feeling it gives me.

31 |


1 month ago

Would’ve been even more wholesome if Mark just layed on Eve’s lap and Eve being the kind soul that she is Gently pats Mark’s head and continues to watch the beautiful night sky

63 |


1 month ago

Such a sweetheart moment.

20 |

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