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1,927,300 Views • Aug 8, 2021 • Click to toggle off description
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Is your masculinity not accurately represented by rainbow lightsabers? Well look no further than Sam's lightsabers FOR MEN!


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Views : 1,927,300
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Aug 8, 2021 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 years ago

Two bacon-sabers and one cola-saber please.

2.3K |


2 years ago

I can only imagine the detective work for this.
"There is a man cut clean in half with a gun next to the corpse, no prints."
"File it under suicide."

2.5K |


2 years ago

Sam breaking character at the end of "I WAS ARRESTED AT DISNEYLAND" is everything

5.1K |


2 years ago

Sam: Shows thin blue lightsaber
“Star Wars : Rebels” characters: I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!

640 |


1 year ago

Fun fact: That "stealth" saber exists in Legends (idk if it's been recanonized or not), it's called a Ghostfire crystal, and yeah, it's as OP as it seems.

644 |


2 years ago

The light saber sound effect on the mic lift was perfect

1.4K |


2 years ago

Now I'm waiting for the "Lightsaber's react" video on Corridor Crew where these manly lightsabers react to the lightsabers from the films.

1.6K |


2 years ago

The "Call of Duty Brown" killed me. For a while I thought I was the only one who noticed how bland and desaturated all the older games were, but it looks like I am not alone! And you even nailed the EXACT shade of brown! Excellent video!

216 |


2 years ago

0:11 - shoves lightsaber back to the hilt with his bare hand.

Ghost Satele Shan: Pikachu face

35 |


2 years ago

The fact that he admitted that he was trying to get rid of the gun one, then his choice to leave that one at the crime scene was a great joke I feel too many people overlooked lol

342 |


2 years ago

I love that this is clearly just poking fun at Dr. Squatch and the lawn mower man scaper commercials 😂

77 |


1 year ago

The “blaze orange” made me laugh so damn hard LOL. “So you don’t get shot in the f***ing woods!!!” 😂😂

65 |


2 years ago

I love the total lack of any further story after "You know my life was falling apart when I founded this company." Just, nothing. No change, no backstory, just nothing. Brilliant.

4.2K |


2 years ago

This was absolutely epic!

1.4K |


2 years ago

"I was arrested at Disneyland!"
And of course the "You know when I started this company my life was falling apart." Not the beginning of a company origin story, just a factual statement.

189 |


1 year ago

The funniest thing about this to me, is that the “stealth saber” is an actual thing in Star Wars. The lightsabers are powered by kyber crystals called ghostfire crystals and are only able to be found on the peaks of the tallest mountains in the outer rim. The crystals are invisible instead of the blade though, I think, but the saber is completely silent and actually makes the opponent in duels see an after image of their opponent, it’s really cool.

18 |


2 years ago

You can see Sam almost laugh at the end of “I was arrested at Disneyland!”

79 |


2 years ago

1:17 Sam had to hold back laughing so hard!

14 |


2 years ago

I like that Sam is channeling his inner "manly soap ad guy" for this

9.3K |


2 years ago

“We got the invisible lightsaber”

You all may think this is a joke, but there is an actual lightsaber crystal that does that exact thing.

Edit: Yes. It’s a legends saber. I didn’t realize there’s some people who are a bit stuck up when it comes to legends and canon.

It’s not like we like the new canon 100% anyways. As far as I know, High Republic is awful.

1.5K |

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