Beach Bunny - Prom Queen (Official Music Video)
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video created by everybody's baby

lili trifilio
matt henkels
jonathan alvarado
aidan cada

story by: lili trifilio and matt gehl
directed by: matt gehl and brandon hoeg
cinematography by: brandon hoeg
producer: will ackerman
1st ad: gianna capra
production design/costumes: taylor truskowski
hair/makeup: colleen dow
gaffer: vincent prochoroff
key grip: liv kruisinski
grip: eileen cook
grip: miranti urbanigrum
grip: josh noll
grip: sam aidan johnson
grip: elijah gray
grip: tommy mcnamara
electric: alexander han
1st ac: max rood
2nd ac: tom ciszewski
lili's portrait photograph: forestt strong lafave
production assistant: ryan stella

prod/post sound, intro song: brett rossiter
color: sam howells
editor: marcus aubin
titles: mike coleman

special thanks to world's largest laundromat, depaul university, kal moy and the chicago parks district
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Views : 26,285,533
Genre: Music
Upload date: Dec 31, 2018 ^^

Rating : 4.951 (11,434/931,355 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2022-04-09T18:58:18.402259Z
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Beach Bunny

Since this video is blowing up I feel the need to address something. I wrote this song for every person out there that has felt insecure, unloved, or unhappy in their own skin - it is in no way meant to glamorize, encourage, or promote eating disorders, body hatred, or body shaming in any form. The lyrics are a criticism on modern beauty standards and the harmful effects beauty standards can have on people - I wrote this song from a female's perspective as I myself have dealt with insecurities and done unhealthy things in my past to live up to the American beauty standard - but this song is meant for everyone. You are worthy of love, you are beautiful just the way you are, and beauty is a social construct - please don't harm your health or well being to live up to these invented expectations, it is not worth risking your life over. You are already a Prom Queen, you are already enough. (also for people upset that this is blowing up on tic-tok I want as many people to hear this message as possible, this message is so important - especially for younger people growing up in the social media generation which has made this issue even more prominent)

3 years ago - 146K Likes

Harry Bishop

The 8,577 dislikes are from everyone that looks good in mom jeans.

2 years ago - 47K Likes

Uncertain Learner

I know this song is likely aimed towards girls but as a guy who has low self-esteem and has body and facial image issues I can fully relate to this. Like I wish I was as attractive as those dreamy, handsome, and fit men you see in media (animated, fictional, or real) which leads to me constantly feeling inferior around guys who are more attractive than me and it makes me feel queasy and even teary-eyed if I think about it too much.

9 months ago - 7K Likes


Honestly this is the reason i love beach bunny they actually write songs about how people care or think about themselves

10 months ago - 568 Likes

Hi I’m Carson

The first time I listened to this I cried because the lyrics made me realize I have an eating disorder.
To anyone who’s also struggling with this, you’ve got this. You are beautiful and strong and we’ll get through this together

3 months ago - 553 Likes

Nanu Maya


Shut up, count your calories
I never looked good in mom jeans
Wish I was like you
Blue-eyed blondie, perfect body

Maybe I should try harder
You should lower your expectations
I'm no quick-curl barbie
I was never cut out for prom queen

If I get more pretty
Do you think he will like me?

Dissect my insecurities
I'm a defect, surgical project
It's getting hard to breathe
There's plastic wrap in my cheeks

Maybe I should try harder
You should lower your beauty standards
I'm no quick-curl barbie
I was never cut out for prom queen

If I'm pretty, will you like me?
They say, "Beauty makes boys happy"
I've been starving myself
Carving skin until my bones are showing

Teach me how to be okay
I don't wanna downplay my emotions

They say, "Beauty is pain
You'll only be happy if you look a certain way"

I wanna be okay

I wanna be okay

4 months ago - 1.3K Likes

Purple Jayr

Anyone agreeing that she's actually pretty?

3 months ago - 407 Likes

wabi- sabi

So, many people say that Tiktok ruins good songs but Tiktok has actually helped me find so many good songs actually.

3 years ago - 91K Likes


I remember listening to this song when it first came out, it didn't really get to me but just listening to the lyrics gives me chills because now that I deal with insecurities more than i did when i used to listen to this song I can understand it. This song gives me a feeling that I can't describe and I love it. Knowing that I will have to deal with my body for the rest of my life makes me understand that I am perfect the way I am. Starving yourself and constantly telling yourself you're ugly isn't right, you may feel like your imperfect, but thats what makes you, you.

8 months ago - 232 Likes

Aiko Müller

01:15 a 01:22

01:48 a 02:00

02:14 a 03:00

No necesitamos ser bonitas o cambiar para gustarle a un chico, si el nos ama no nos haría pensar que necesitamos cambiar nuestra apariencia para gustarle

5 months ago - 132 Likes


Every time I listen to this song, I just have that feeling to express my sadness, in a dark room sitting, crying alone. I've hardly dealt with insecurities, and thankfully this song has helped me through it. And for me this song has to be given some attention to the people that has experienced insecurities like me myself. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful music.

Remember that all of us are beautiful no matter what! <3
Love yourself, Be yourself ❤❤

3 months ago - 81 Likes

Dylan Edison Manalili

As a person with social anxiety this has made me a lot better and I start to love myself thanks to this song I can finally be me and love myself!

Remember dont change for boy or a girl most boys likes girls who accept themselves love yourself! Be you.

4 months ago - 24 Likes

kei ♡

this hits hard when your friends does better at supporting you than your family does

3 weeks ago - 5 Likes

Levi Rosenlieb

I love her voice. Really fits the music and just sounds awesome

3 years ago - 3.1K Likes

Max Berkowitz

The choreography and direction of this video is top notch. Super professional and talented cuts and editing. Song is awesome as well!

5 months ago - 86 Likes


No one will ever understand how safe this song make me feel

10 months ago - 25 Likes

Ur Mom

I love this song so much. It hurts how I can relate but I love it. 💕

4 months ago - 32 Likes


“Beauty isn’t pain, except when you do it wrong”
Wrong is changing yourself unhealthily.
Beauty is in everyone.

7 months ago - 26 Likes

hatice karakose

this song has a huge meaning and currently ranked my fav song :elbowcough:

1 month ago - 6 Likes


This song is finally getting the attention it deserves

3 years ago - 2.7K Likes