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I Gave Your Minecraft Builds the ULTIMATE UPGRADE
 60 FPS video
1,312,695 Views • Premiered Feb 24, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Me and ‪@Graysun.Builds‬ gave our subscribers' Minecraft builds the ULTIMATE UPGRADE! 10 builds, 2 builders, and no rules.

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Check out these incredible organics builders! HUGE thanks to letting me showcase your epic creations!
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Views : 1,312,695
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 months ago

Your browser is holding you back. Level up with Opera GX: operagx.gg/shovel241

379 |


4 months ago

Sandy now has a hell of a side quest making this pyramid in survival

1.5K |


4 months ago

The entire tree house scene from building it to memorialize the first ever build to the Shovel241 artisitic scene has got to be my favorite part. Very well done! You put so much work into this "easy" video lol!

1.4K |


4 months ago

I'm so happy and honored to see my pyramid be a part of this!! (I'm santi as in Santiago, but sandy is totally fine haha) Thank you shovel, truly. For anyone wondering, I do have a pretty decent froglight farm in the world :)

793 |


4 months ago

17:25 don't worry shovel. I have a froglight farm with more than four double chests full of all colors of froglights. The farm might be hard to make, but frog light farms are easy to afk at and accumulate stacks upon stacks of them EDIT: for clarification, I didn't make the last build! I was just saying that even tho I'm not very good at technical minecraft, I have a frog light farm which gives me more froglights than I know what to do with. And if someone like me can make that farm, then anyone can. Sorry for any confusion!

460 |


4 months ago

God i LOVE your content. i found you recently and it has been an UNHEALTHY binge <3

1K |


4 months ago

Man, I did not expect my silly little remake of an ancient tutorial world to be selected, let alone become the emotional high point of the video. Great video as always, and I appreciate the effort put into the transformation.

221 |


4 months ago

I have been known as "the boat guy" on several SMPs I have been a part of, mainly because my build portfolio consists almost ENTIRELY of boats, from small Luggers to massive Friggates and Galleons. Been building them for decades, and fully agree with Shovel here, Ships take practice, not just for the hull, but the sails as well. Awesome transformations! Love the builds, always inspiring!

90 |


4 months ago

The amount of detail and effort put into each build is truly outstanding. Amazing work, as always!

101 |


4 months ago

thank you to you and Graysun for upgrading my build. I am utterly in love with the result <3

66 |


4 months ago

1st idea: Kollavik is home to Neers and elders of necromancy; the elders came from Wraithra, as a way to step away from war and leadership. Unlike others, Kollavik is a holy city meant for worship and peace, it is home to thousands of Neers and is an `ancestral home` for them. Amongst the bustling streets of travelers passing by, who are occasionally stopping to sell goods, there are numerous temples and shrines home to monks and priests. Inside of these places of worship, there are deer heads hung on the walls as a sign of protection and many tables for holy gatherings and praying. - Kollavik - The city of change. (find more ideas below)

112 |


4 months ago

Really glad I was able to be apart of this! These transformations are incredible

39 |


4 months ago

We should all take a moment to just appreciate the work shovel puts in every single one of his videos❤

110 |


4 months ago

For your next build: An entire multi kingdom of elf's, dwarfs, and humans. The elf's are the crafty and smart ones, building all the houses, buildings, and using and teaching everyone magic. The dwarfs are the blacksmiths, making all the weapons, armor, and metals. They also provide lanterns for the elfs since they aren't as equipped to be underground. The humans are just the average people, filling in the rest of the jobs like farming. There is also a treaty that states that they all have to respect each other's cultures, like how elves cannot eat any meat. This poses an interesting challenge because all the builds will have to be mishmash of every buildings from each culture. This alliance was formed so they could face off the strongest of enemies and create a functioning society with a multitude of possibilities yet to come. P.s. you can expand upon this if you want.

104 |


4 months ago

Fantastic how much content you guys put into a single video! The builds are all amazing, my favorite was the birch tree church ❤

19 |


4 months ago

I'm excited to see this! You and Grayson are fantastic.

29 |


4 months ago

For the lore idea, I like the idea that there was an ancient king buried deep in an ancient pyramid. When the tree ursuras was built around had crashed into the ground, it had lasting effects on the landscape, and its magic leaked into the temple, reviving the king. Humans, magicians and nymphs alike saw this as a blessing from the gods and began to build the ultra massive pyramid to commemorate the king from the dead. The pyramid united the notable settlements and became the center of trade routes and peace keeping agreements between the settlements because it was in the center of all the settlements. The pyramid still stands long after the kings second death and is used by magicians and magical creatures alike as a beacon to enhance their magical abilities. It also represents the alliances that the settlements have made with each other to help fend off large groups or hostiles, like the alphas who want to claim the pyramid and its magic for themselves. The pyramids magic and their settlements alliances are the only thing give them a chance against the alphas incredible army.

13 |


4 months ago

Your builds remind me of what I was trying to achieve in my drawing from my high school years. My journey to Minecraft just began, but I started in another block builded and then lost that mega build. Though still have my scaled back world from that. As I learn how Minecraft works it is my hope to rebuild it but better. Biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is the bigger you build the more detailed you can get. Keep up the great work man.

4 |


4 months ago

For your fantasy word project, there surely has to be some sort of tropical/magical island in which "wizards" can use the aquatic creatures as transport! Lush aplm trees, majestic beaches etc.

7 |


4 months ago

Awesome. Editing is fantastic. And the builds! Wow you both did such a great job. Heading over to hang with Graysun for a minute. Thanks for a great vid!

9 |

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