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Mexico vs. Brazil Highlights | International Friendly
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3,222,850 Views • Jun 8, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Check out the best moments between Mexico vs. Brazil on Saturday, June 8th.

#FOXSoccer #brazil #mexico

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Mexico vs. Brazil Highlights | International Friendly
   • Mexico vs. Brazil Highlights | Intern...  

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


6 days ago

Real Madrid with the last minute goals 😂

7.4K |


6 days ago

Endrick already has madrid dna💯💯

3.5K |


5 days ago

Vini is one of the few winger that can put world class cross instead of passing it back to the fullback. Underrated trait.

1K |


5 days ago

Endrick might have the best script of all time, only clutch goals for Brazil so far

545 |


6 days ago

Real Madrid has all the inifinty stones🙆🏾‍♂️😄

3.4K |


6 days ago

The Mexican goalkeeper looked clueless on all the goals on him.

2.8K |


5 days ago

Endrick, Vinicius, Mbappe, Bellingham - unbelievable!!!!

121 |


5 days ago

The crowd was beautiful! Mexicans and Brazilians know how to enjoy a good football game!

46 |


5 days ago

Endrick be giving Romario vibes. So short, yet has the leap.

184 |


6 days ago

That pass from Vini 🔥🔥😱

588 |


5 days ago

Nobody is talking about the Amount of talented players of Brazil this season

283 |


5 days ago

Even tho Mexico lost to brazils b team, this is a step in the right direction for them

130 |


6 days ago

Endrick is a whole different vibe 💪💯😆

738 |


5 days ago

The weighted cross from Vini is world class. Properly made for Endrick with considerations of his height.

144 |


5 days ago

I am a Argentine supporters. But Vinicius assist and Endrick goal was owsome.Brazil played very well.

86 |


5 days ago

I will never stop supporting Brazil, started to love football as s child from watching Brazilian football champions.

48 |


6 days ago

How did they do better against Brazil then they did against Uruguay 🤦🏽‍♂️

1.4K |


6 days ago

Vini is the oxygen of brazil 😂

461 |


5 days ago

What an intense match it was. Brazil and Mexico gave their all. The goalkeepers definitely had their work cut out.

100 |


5 days ago

Brazil's reserve team played well. Now I want to see Brazil's main team play against USA

18 |

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