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Upload date: Jul 31, 2022 ^^

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1. 00:00-04:01 Another love,Tom Odell
2. 04:01-07:03 Arcade,Duncan Laurence
3. 07:03-09:51 Let me down slowly,Alec Benjamin
4. 09:51-13:49 Sweather Weather,the Neighborhood
5. 13:49-17:53 Runaway,Aurora
6. 17:53-21:29 Save your tears,the Weeknd
7. 21:29-24:56 IDFC,blackbear
8. 24:56-28:00 Middle of the night,Elley Duhé
9.28:00-31:34 Nothing breaks my heart,Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus
10. 31:34-33:59 Freaks,Surf Curse

3 months ago - 3.6K Likes

Christer Gaming

The feeling of crying yourself every single night but walking to school the next day with the brightest smile

1 month ago - 3.6K Likes

Sumaya Alfee

The most worst feeling is that when you wanna cry but tears won't come out

1 month ago - 1.1K Likes


"People cry not because they're weak but because they've been strong for too long"
-Johnny Depp.

1 month ago - 3.1K Likes

mini master

Real fact:
When you're a kid you cry and make noise to get your parents attention, But when you grow up you cry silently at night in your bed so they don’t hear you’re sad...

1 month ago - 1.7K Likes

jayda yellowlees

To anybody who's reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life. 🙏

Omg thank you so much for the likes you are amazing <3 Im so happy you could open up in the comments <3 pls be strong otherwise everyone else in the world will have even more stuff to carry on their sholders then they will be depressed then the whole world will be so pls if ur going to be depressed don't be for too long toughen up <3 Love You <3

2 months ago - 4K Likes

Nota Kallipoliti

I'm the friend that comforts everyone but they are busy with their problems and don't know anything about my mental health , and now that I lost my grandpa this helped a lot. Thanks you helped a lot more than you think

2 months ago - 678 Likes

Isabella Ruiz

Some days I can be happy, Very happy. Other days I'm on the brink of death. These songs are what keeps me alive. Thank you for this <3

2 months ago - 1.6K Likes

Spineless me

pov: you r listening to this while doing homework/writing an essay, thinking of how shitty your life actually is
if anyone reads this have a fantastic life and always know, YOU are enough.
If someone doesn't feel too close to you anymore but you do to them, let them go. There is no need to chase them. You are not only you are making your life more miserable, but you are also wasting time on someone instead of spending time with people that care about you.

OH MY GOD! Thank you all for the likes and I really hope you will have a great day and life later on<3! I am very happy people felt comfortable enough to open up in the comments.

2 months ago - 1.8K Likes

Kaylene Sullivan

To whoever is reading this comment: I hope and pray that if you are going through a difficult time you will find happiness and comfort in things/people you love. Don't let your crown fall you beautiful king/queen! have a wonderful day and enjoy this amazing playlist <3

2 months ago - 541 Likes

Hinata Shoyo

To whoever needs to hear this I’m so proud of you for coming this far ur doing amazing ur enough you deserve love and to be treated right I hope you find that someone ur looking for im so proud of you and I love you have an amazing day 💜

1 month ago - 148 Likes


haven’t cried in 3 years this really did it through out the playlist I don’t think I stoped crying

2 months ago - 527 Likes


I'm listening to this at 12:30am and it makes me feel a bit in a calm mood rn, but it's hard not to cry to these rn... :/

Well have a good day, night, afternoon or evening ya'll :) Stay safe out there everyone

3 weeks ago - 55 Likes

Eddie The Hero

ive tried to cry but i have no more tears, they wont come..

2 months ago - 921 Likes


I literally got back from school after finding out my first ever real crush doesn’t like me back. I’ve been holding my tears back ever since lunch time (11:19 pm). When I got home my mom said the sweetest thing to met which made me grab my phone and run up to my room. She told me “don’t worry. Your safe now. Your home. Cry as much as you need to.” A few seconds after closing my door and sitting on the edge of my bed I instantly burst out and had a breakdown. I soon put on this playlist and now I’m still crying while writing this comment. It may not seem like a big deal but I don’t trust anyone else with my feelings. And yes, I’m in Highschool.

1 month ago - 368 Likes

None of ur business

That feeling were you feel helpless and you can’t do anything and it just stress you out and suddenly you burst into tears at the wrong place is so bad

2 weeks ago - 31 Likes


To everyone who is doing homework, leave the chat, breathe slowly, take a sip of water, and focus

To everyone who is trying to sleep, leave the chat, grab a blanket, and get the rest you deserve

To everyone who is feeling sad, grab a snack, get some water, get a blanket, and write down your thoughts. When you're done, lay down and get some rest, no matter the time.

To everyone who is creating, you got this. Your art is amazing. Remain in your flow and get stuff done!

not my words, but spread the word lovelies <33

1 week ago - 23 Likes

Marlyn Bates

You know what really sucks…? Being a kid and being to young to feel this pain, and getting called emo for no apparent reason and getting betrayed by lots of people. Also losing someone you actually loved in less than a year. The fact that you try to cry loud but you don’t want other to hear so you stuff your mouth with a pillow. Then you cry on the bathroom floor because that’s the place you feel safe the most. Well guess what, that will all change trust me. Some people are there for you, but dw you just gotta pick the right group! ❤

3 weeks ago - 12 Likes


I was blasting this music on loudly in my headphones while I was walking and crying in my head 😊

4 days ago - 7 Likes

Carlynn Furey

Thank you for this playlist cuz my life sucks I hate it cuz my parents don’t even care but life isn’t fair but..... whatever I feel like I can vent my feelings here without anyone making fun of me so thank you

1 week ago - 28 Likes