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4,341,032 Views • Premiered Mar 30, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Skid & Pump go out to trick r treat like they usually do until they meet a new face in town, he will help them become better kids for the people they love the most, but a familiar friend will meet them again.
Real ending -
Soundtrack -    • Spooky Month 6 OST (Hollow Sorrows)  

Lila - Elsie Lovelock    / @elsielovelock  
Thin thief, John, Candy Dealer - Chase Corbin    / @coffinjockey  
Fat thief, Roy- Kellen Goff    / @kellengoff  
Mr Wonder, Father Gregor, Mort Vivifico (Doctor) - P. M. Seymour    / @pmseymour  
31 News anchors -
Susie - Reina    / channel  
Costume Happy Fella, Ignacio, Radford - Brandon Winckler
Kevin, Ross, Jack - ElusiveVA
Robert - Corey Wilder    / @coreywilder  
Moloch, Mayor Evermore - Alexander Katnik
Actor, Rick - Zach Fuller    / @zachfuller  
Patty Azure - Monica Franco    / @l0litsmonica  
Jaune, Michelle (The mom) - Lizzie Freeman    / @lizzierfreeman  
Dexter (The Son) - Metamaniac
Literally Zach - Zach Hadle    / @psychicpebbles  
Hobomen - Johnny Utah
Skid, Pump & Frank - @SrPelo

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Views : 4,341,032
Genre: Film & Animation
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

I love how this all started because the kids wanted to “do a prank call”

28K |


2 weeks ago

Honestly, its so dark that Moloch managed to deceive the kids so much to the point they got mad at the person who had their best interests at heart

6K |


2 weeks ago

I like how this show continues showing that Pump and Skid aren't terrible children. They need to be more trusting and a bit overzealous. They want to have fun like any kid does. They're also not stupid; they notice things. They feel like burdens to their parents, which is something a lot of kids feel.

5.4K |


7 days ago

I love how whenever skid and pump are in any sort of danger, Pump’s eyes glow since The Stars are watching over them

435 |


7 days ago

The fact Father Gregory did the spooky dance truly shows it's power.

593 |


2 weeks ago

“Your parents love you kids. No matter what.” “But if they love me why they’re never here..?” THE PERSONAL AND INTERNALS LACERATIONS I JUST FELT TO MY HEART.

4.4K |


2 weeks ago

Fun Fact: Moloch is a real demonic entity from old Jewish folklore. People used to sacrifice their firstborn children to him by igniting the interior of Moloch's statue/furnace and burning them inside of it. It became such a problem that according to the Bible it came to a point where they had to make a law to stone anyone they found doing this. The fact that Moloch in this animation is a furnace demon is as accurate as it is scary. Happy Spooky Month Everybody :)

4.7K |


8 days ago

Father Gregor bringing realism to the Spooky month was a welcome suprise.

340 |


6 days ago (edited)

This is unbelivebly cool, how a little series about kids that run around and dance, now turn into actual horror with drama and builden relationship! Oscar.

104 |


2 weeks ago

I like how Sr Pelo is like FUCK IT, RELEASE IT IN MARCH.

30K |


2 weeks ago

I love how it’s implied that Frank isn’t actually trying to kidnap kids and he’s genuinely just trying to be a source of transport, atleast to just skid and pump

11K |


7 days ago (edited)

0:48 26:20
It’s confirmed, Dexter still lives. The Happy Fella eyes in the ash bucket move ever so slightly when the spiders leg passes over them. The same thing at the end.

164 |


7 days ago

OK, but can we acknowledge that Dexter is alive? Like the eyeballs in the bucket are moving and he has a very distinct set of eyeballs. They’re constantly moving.

189 |


2 weeks ago

Father: walk normally😠 Skid & Pump:🚶🚶‍♂️

18K |


2 weeks ago

I love how the priest is ACTUALLY serious about what he does, and how he managed to put moloch back to hell, but its very sad he was just captured by cults...

6.6K |


7 days ago

9:12 I love how Radford was so excited and then IMMEDIATELY switched when Kevin pointed out it was kinda weird how Father Gregor was hanging out with Skid and Pump. I think it's funny how he was so "😄" and then "🤨"

96 |


7 days ago

I love how the lines in her mask go from looking like the outlines of human teeth/a human mouth to looking like the outline of a monster’s mouth, such a cool detail

150 |


2 weeks ago

Honestly, I felt kinda bad for the Priest after he got that reaction from the kids when he exorcised Molluk back to hell, because they didn’t understand the danger of what Molluk was doing to everyone including themselves and genuinely thought he was their friend. And the Priest didn’t even take their anger personal, he just limped back to his church without even looking for thanks, despite his injuries. He was honestly a great character for real throughout the entire episode. I also like how this episode gave the boys actual character substance with relatable issues such as complicated parent and child dynamics. All in all this episode was a solid 10/10 in my book.

2.9K |


6 days ago

Father guy: NO NO you can't run, you will hurt yourselves.

Skid and Pump: Average walking cycle

52 |


7 days ago

Considering the fact this episode seems to happen just a few days after the Bob incident, i think Lila really needed the reality check. She left her hyperactive son out of her sight not long after he was almost cannibalised, Gregor was given a pretty flattering picture of her all things considered
(I do still love her but yk)

102 |

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