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McKenzie Ellis, known professionally as Mothica, is an American singer. She grew up in Oklahoma City and began producing music when she was 18 years old. Since 2015, she has produced a dozen albums and singles distributed across several online musical streaming platforms such as on Spotify, SoundCloud and Bandcamp along with numerous collaborations and features with other musicians known by "Nydge", "PUSHER", "Crywolf", and "Icarus Moth". In June 2020, a TikTok video she posted that included her song "VICES" went viral, providing greater notability as a musician and singer.

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I don't usually comment but I feel the algorithm needs the extra kick to keep recommending this channel more often. So many quality songs that deserve to be heard. ❀️

9 months ago - 272 Likes


"Her weapons are her looks, her personality, her youth." Good for her 🍸

9 months ago - 109 Likes


I would LOVE a music video for this song being entirely animated newspaper articles, with Mothica and Emlyn moving in the pictures. It would look super sick, though heavy in the editing.

9 months ago - 25 Likes


I've been binging mothica's songs ever since last night + idk how I've gone this far without looping her music, every song gives me chills !! <3

9 months ago - 43 Likes


She just keeps pumping out great songs. Awesome stuff! Glad I've discovered her music recently..

9 months ago - 27 Likes


The anthem of every woman's villain arc right here!

9 months ago - 31 Likes



9 months ago - 46 Likes


Another great song! The hook stays with you. Mothica is my favorite and her talent is limitless. I just have to say, "Good for her!"

9 months ago - 21 Likes


Mothica = talent. Amazing song. 😍

9 months ago - 14 Likes


This is fem fetal done right. Love it!

9 months ago - 25 Likes


This song is so good I keep coming back to it

8 months ago - 4 Likes


Phenomenal song ya'll killed it!

9 months ago - 15 Likes


i listen to both of you , never thought i would listen to a songs with both of you in it, wonderful surprize <3

9 months ago - 9 Likes


Perfeição tem nome e ela se chama Mothica ✨

9 months ago - 3 Likes


how does this not have more views already......come on youtube ya need to promote this stuff way more

9 months ago - 9 Likes


Need this version added to spotify pls πŸ™ the wording of these recordings hit different than the other one

9 months ago - 2 Likes


This Baby is fantastic & bombastic! Much love to her!

5 months ago - 0 Likes


This Song is awesome πŸ’–

1 month ago - 0 Likes


Oh sweet! Mothica found Emlyn! I found a lot of Emlyn's songs on random YouTube channels a few months ago and I'm so glad I did!

9 months ago - 14 Likes


Another gem for the playlist

9 months ago - 5 Likes