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Minecraft but I search for a PARKOUR LEGEND
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1,686,634 Views • Feb 10, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
Minecraft but I search for a PARKOUR LEGEND...the CRAZY 3RD episode of parkour civilization season 2.....four discs are needed to come home...will I be able to survive long enough to get them all?...

Voice Actors: Evbo, @seawattgaming
Actors: Evbo, Teddy

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Views : 1,686,634
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

If only I was fluent in parkour.....I might know the whole truth about this place.....SUBSCRIBE!!!

1.5K |

2 weeks ago

This series just keeps getting better and better! Evbo's parkour skills are on another level! Can't wait to see what happens next! 🤩🔥

189 |


2 weeks ago

I love how Evbo just guesses everything correctly, the password, the fact that they have a boss and the personality of the guy who was in the parkour course to get the disc

320 |


2 weeks ago

What if SeaWatt is the "Boss" and he wants revenge on parkour civilization. It would explain why he has spare chain boots and why he has the compasses to the legend discs. Bro is definitely the villain. He probably took Evbo's master friend. He is scheming.

42 |


2 weeks ago

9:30 I think that parkour checkpoint guard is the new future villain for season 3 for killing his best friend. 😂

107 |


2 weeks ago

Seawatt definitely foreshadowed something with that last phrase.
“Just three more”

41 |


2 weeks ago

"Is it worth risking the entire fate of the world and my life? Probably not. But was it cool? Yes" - Evbo. Lol, great video man! My favorite series on youtube!

992 |


2 weeks ago

Evbo: idk where to start
Also Evbo: throws compass into void
Edit: thank you all so much for all the likes and the heart

425 |


2 weeks ago

Now we can guarantee that this series will have another 3 episodes minimum.

Imagine if Evbo decides to discontinue it or dies in a battle.

Wait. That gives me a suggestion idea. Fall into the void, and end up on the noob level with noob boots on instead of chain, but inventory the same (basically keep inventory true) so champion boots still in inventory.

266 |


2 weeks ago

Evbo, after you finish the series please make a non-premium Minecraft server based on Parkour is so awesome topic, everyone that enjoyed the series would probably join it! Btw season 2 is even better than it's origin!!!! So great

12 |


2 weeks ago

"For sure i dont fail on the easy jumps"😂😂

80 |


2 weeks ago

Evbo : i might just created a new supervillan
me : well we have a villan for season 3

8 |


2 weeks ago

The fifth layer is crazy, didnt expect all of this! I was not expecting it to look like this. The parkour language was also insane to discover!

115 |


2 weeks ago

"I never fail on easy jumps"

Meanwhile: "He failed a one block jump before"

20 |


2 weeks ago

I never thought a simple parkour Minecraft series would have so much lore

13 |


2 weeks ago

8:55 flashbacks of the parkour temple at the noob layer

12 |


2 weeks ago

I love how the note was written in parkour. Evbo's always subverting my expectations.

15 |


2 weeks ago

Evbo: There are over a million possibilities of what the password could be
Also Evbo: Gets it first try

11 |


2 weeks ago

7:23 bro just keeps trying to give me a heart attack💀

150 |


2 weeks ago

What air rally like about this series is that SeaWatt, Evbo’s right — hand man, is an antagonist. It’s a very interesting twist and I really like it. And then Grox comes in after helping millions of homeless villagers and saves the day—

8 |

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