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Hermitcraft 10 - The Fish Market - Ep.5
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695,320 Views • Feb 24, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
GeminiTay is playing hermitcraft, adding some new power line details to the base and building an anglerfish head attached to a tropical fish market build. We also go over the new shopping district gimmick this season, and show off our new hermit permits!

Power line inspo:    • How to Make Exploding Powerlines in M...  

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Recorded with Replaymod and OBS
Minecraft version 1.20.4
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Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Feb 24, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

Petition for Gem to call her base Gemini Bay

10K |


1 month ago (edited)

I love how both Gem and Pearl have brought out silly Etho again. The 2 new kids who are no longer new kids kinda made Etho realize why Minecraft with friends is fun. "You wanna place some TNT?"

1.6K |


1 month ago

Gem: "Where is Grian going?"

Me: "Insane, Gem. Grian's going insane."

1.4K |


1 month ago

Gem shouting "GRIAN!" in an exasperating tone is quickly becoming the theme of this season.

1.3K |


1 month ago (edited)

You really highlighted how lively and interconnected this season is going to be! With the mail system, the interconnected paths, and the various levels of highways, the cherry wood mountain is shaping up to be one of my favorite minecraft builds ever!

1.8K |


1 month ago

"Naughty snails that eat lighthouses get sent out to sea"
My favorite part lol 2:34

1.5K |


1 month ago

Idea for electricity lines: run one end to Tango’s factory, and he can build some redstone thingy on the inside that looks like it’s generating power (if he’s down to use part of his build for that)

419 |


1 month ago

Gem: "Oh! All the coral!"
Grian, with audible subtext: "Oh! (Crap.)"

721 |


1 month ago

I actually like the broken lighthouse, especially giving your horror-aquatic theme, a broken lighthouse could be a cool addition, rather than repairing it fully.... you could even put a monster in there guarding it..... OOOH! A Warden, the paradox of a lighthouse that when you approach it makes darkness!

913 |


1 month ago

I love how from gem’s POV you can see that she did the first 70% and then wholesomely congratulated scar as if he did most of the work

355 |


1 month ago

Fun fact:
Fish are actually darker on top and lighter underneath. It's a form of camouflage against the dark ocean below and the light surface above.
Now, since anglerfish are deep sea fish, they probably don't have any coloration, and this particular one might be sun bleached from spending so much time as a fish market.

245 |


1 month ago

It’s so cool seeing our power line idea used on the hermitcraft server! Thanks for the shoutout!

748 |


1 month ago (edited)

Gem: My base is giving modern vibes!
Grian: Ya know my base matches gems… uh 1900’s base

265 |


1 month ago

You asked about tridents, they can only be obtained from drowned, but you can farm tridents by farming drowned. I recommend cutting a deal with whoever got the copper permit, since that also requires a drowned farm.

1.1K |


1 month ago

Etho and Gem’s dynamic is one of my favorite things ever! I enjoy seeing them hang out!

228 |


1 month ago

I love all the actually useful tunnels, waterways and bridges being build this season, it makes the server feel so lively! This season has the potential to be much less elytra-dependent since everyone is so close together!

176 |


1 month ago

1:30 Gem's fashion is (canonically) more important than her life

286 |


1 month ago (edited)

Gem, as someone who designs power lines for a living, I have a couple of suggestions to make them look more realistic while still being stylized:
1. The pole look disproportionately tall in some places. The clearance from ground to the overhead line changes depending on what's under it. So if there is no access, it's like 10'. If there's horse access, it's like 15'. If it's over a waterway, you have to assume there are sailboats so it's like 40' to the water, and those all vary depending on local code and what the utility company wants. But adding to different heights when crossing different things would be appropriate. Knowing that the chains don't really droop, and this isn't something you would see in real life, but you could have two crossarms on a single pole with vertical chains going between them if you need to change heights like if going over a river.
2. If you go from the main lines to a building, you are going to need a transformer. Genuinely, like an iron or light gray terracotta block with two gray candles on top, on the side of the wood pole, beneath the crossarm, would look pretty close. The service line would then be attached to the pole, underneath the transformer, and go over to the building, or to a secondary pole like you have (and secondary poles don't need crossarms).
3. Primary wires (the chains) and secondary wires (the iron bars) are installed at different tensions, so having the chains straight and the iron bars droop is pretty accurate, so long as the spans aren't too long.
4. The weatherhead on the fish market (the pole where the service wire attaches to the building) would be metal, or painted metal, in real life. So like a deepslate wall variant, or a packed mud wall if it were painted to maybe match the building (they're usually not painted)
5. If your poles get too tall, you need to have aerial lighting on them so that planes don't crash into them at night. Knowing how poorly some of the Hermits fly, this is probably still a good idea.
6. If Pearl is going to expand her services to include telegraph, those wires can be attached to your poles, but those wires would be underneath yours and they still have to meet clearance. (Off the top of my head, lightning rods comes to mind, but only because if a telco line is emitting light like an end rod, something is seriously wrong with it.)

78 |


1 month ago

Gem gets annoyed with the snail eating her lighthouse and now she wants one too. I mean it’s a pretty cute snail 💕🐌

128 |


1 month ago (edited)

Stopp 😭 this season is actually so good, the lack of elytras, fishing, building close to one another, many collaborations per episodes, LOTS of teriforming, the amount of boats, horses and not juwt flying, i love how there were some outfit changes for theme, heck theres even a postal service and permits for shops!
This season is so good!!! I really love how you guys are using horses and boats! I love the amounts od good builds there are just everywhere, its all so good! Youre a really good builder gem i love everything!

34 |

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