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Why MLB's Youngest Star Keeps Pissing Everyone Off
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1,281,136 Views • Apr 1, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

Throwing at a player because he's "too good" is the epitome of fragile pitcher ego

5.7K |


2 weeks ago

i like how "ruining baseball" is what makes baseball great

2.2K |


2 weeks ago

You’re forgetting that part also where the Marlins once changed their scheduled pitcher hours before the game, drilled Acuna for the first pitch, pitcher gets ejected, and then they put out the scheduled pitcher right after

668 |


9 days ago

Ronald Acuna Jr. is one of those players that you can tell works on Baseball like 12 hours every day. That's commitment and that's why he is so great.

236 |


2 weeks ago

How do people simultaneously say someone doesn’t care enough about the game AND berate them for crying about potentially not being able to play as well after an injury.

2.2K |


2 weeks ago

Pitchers intentionally hitting batters should get automatic lengthy suspensions

1.9K |


10 days ago

The crazy thing is for all the "bad attitude" & "ruining baseball" he has only responded with better play. All those pitches he was hit by he never went after anybody. He's just playing & loving the game that other ppl slowly are starting to not love anymore

90 |


2 weeks ago

I love how drilling the same player repeatedly because he's kicking your ass isn't what's "ruining baseball".

59 |


2 weeks ago

“He is 12 years old” got me rolling 😭😭

872 |


2 weeks ago

As a Phillies fan, I have a lot of respect for Acuña. Yeah he talks shit and shows off but to me you earn that right when you’re great and he definitely is. Much rather have him do that than have him be stone faced and showing no emotion like some baseball fans want players to be like

1.8K |


2 weeks ago

Let's players have fun man. Pitchers can be some of the biggest crybabies in all of professional sports. They throw a tantrum if you run too slow around the bases after a homerun, run too fast around the bases after a homerun, get too excited about a homerun, etc... it's honestly kind of weird to me. Let the younger stars have some fun and make the game exciting. People like to watch competitive games. Old school baseball fans need to pull that stick out of their butt

235 |


9 days ago

Baseball, listen, y'all NEED this guy, and more like him, if y'all want to remain relevant in sports, period.

63 |


2 weeks ago


823 |


2 weeks ago

I must be missing something because if I was a batter in baseball always getting thrown at, I’d charge the mound every time it happened. I know the punishment for it is severe but it seems crazy to me that pitchers are allowed to wield essentially a weapon at batters with no real punishment. If I were to compare it to hockey it would be like if the defenseman was allowed to purposely shoot at players and no one fought him. Idk it’s just crazy to me that there seems to be no accountability.

654 |


7 days ago (edited)

I never watch full YouTube videos from anyone, I’m always fast forwarding but this was so good! Congrats on a job well done. You had my total attention. The info and the editing is first rate.

15 |


2 weeks ago

So basically he's the Allen Iverson of baseball

59 |


2 weeks ago

The New York post writes stories for people who yell at the sky when it rains.

578 |


2 weeks ago

Brotherman been here since less then 10k subs. Good to see you starting to get the love u deserve.

6 |


6 days ago

Maneeeeee . Stories like this that truly inspire. Make real talent a thing again! This is amazing to watch! Great video too bud!

7 |


2 weeks ago

A young baseball player who actually has fun with the game. Oh, the horror.

212 |

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