Röyksopp feat. Robyn - Monument (The Inevitable End Version)
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Listen to Olof Dreijer’s new remix of “Monument” here: royksopp.lnk.to/monument-olof-rmxYo

The official video for 'Monument (The Inevitable End Version)' featuring Robyn, taken from Röyksopp final album: 'The Inevitable End'. The video was shot on Röyksopp & Robyn's Do It Again Tour through 2014.

We feel like this is a goodbye to the traditional album format. In our consecutive run of albums, we have been able to say what we want to say and do what we want to do with the LP. We're not going to stop making music, but the album format as such, this is the last thing from us...

If you wanna ride with us...




Director & Cinematographer: Stian Andersen
Edit: Erik Treimann
Colorist: Raymond Gangstad
Additional Photo: Erik Treimann, Mads Hoel, Tage Lokoy, Fredric Posé.
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Genre: Music
Upload date: Sep 30, 2014 ^^

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There is a new remix of "Monument" from Olof Dreijer from The Knife which we just released on Dog Triumph royksopp.lnk.to/monument-olof-rmxYo

1 year ago - 239 Likes


This version is a masterpiece.

1 year ago - 621 Likes


Even now in 2022, this track is a masterpiece!
Still sound fresh and has so much power!
Mooooore, please!!!!

6 months ago - 123 Likes


Ahhh... That refreshing feeling of the immense musical power of the beautiful and gifted peoples of Scandinavia! Can't help but love it!

1 month ago - 1 Likes


2021 better be a Monument year. I declare Robyn as my spirit animal.

1 year ago - 273 Likes


This may be one of the top 5 best sounding songs I've heard in the past 10 years.

1 year ago - 42 Likes


Röyksopp are pure genius in every possible way, yet none of my friends have ever heard of them. Time to get some new friends,

2 years ago - 408 Likes


This probably is the best song of all times.

5 years ago - 223 Likes


This is pure energy. The original version was expressing a silent acceptance of death by slowly fading into the darkness, meanwhile TIE version basically mocks the notion of death. fucking genius, too bad there are no releases coming over the horizon. Yet.

1 year ago - 55 Likes


this is the real hardcore. a timeless banger. :elbowcough:

1 year ago - 2 Likes


Never get tired of this song!

4 weeks ago - 0 Likes


Any version of this track is a masterpiece… 😳

10 months ago - 35 Likes


ох какие же они были атмосферные, просто улёт в космос. спасибо вам ребята!

2 years ago - 40 Likes


I'm in love with the music
I'm in love with the lyrics
I'm in love with Robyn and her voice
I'm in love with the video
I'm in love with this masterpiece

5 years ago - 261 Likes


This song is already so profound. This version gives me chills.

4 months ago - 11 Likes


До сих пор эта композиция звучит в моей голове

1 year ago - 29 Likes



2 months ago - 1 Likes


If you're still listening to this masterpiece, you've a good taste in music. 💞👌😊👍

3 months ago - 3 Likes


How much i love this video?? ❤ This version is far better than the original and i just wish they would play this one live.

2 years ago - 0 Likes


This is one of the most beautiful music videos ever. It's not just a couple of visuals to complement the sound, it's almost like a tribute to what music is all about.

5 years ago - 75 Likes