You Used Me For My Love by Girl In Red
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Vi Loffer

shes so underrated...gosh i love her voice and everything about her.

4 years ago - 274 Likes

K Way

This is why im proud to be gay,happy pride month

2 years ago - 44 Likes

a name

for who wants to know, her name is maria. she is 19 years old. she is from europe. she records these songs in her bedroom and here instagram is

4 years ago - 123 Likes

spoilt milk

her music really speaks to me for some reason and i love it. definetly my new favorite musician

4 years ago - 94 Likes

Cecil Nightvale

She has such a lovely voice

4 years ago - 84 Likes

Kenya Foster

How have I listened to all of your songs in less than 30 minutes!?

3 years ago - 47 Likes

Stop Hating Everyone

All her music makes me sad and I love it

4 years ago - 30 Likes

Mellie Walks

great song, love your voice.

4 years ago - 31 Likes


i can highly relate to this song

2 years ago - 12 Likes


This is so hauntingly beautiful ❤

4 years ago - 9 Likes

Ayana Ayala

She has such a beautiful voice

4 years ago - 10 Likes

Happy Jack

Such a beautiful song, everything you say I can relate to thank you for this masterpiece!

4 years ago - 7 Likes

paola arcos

Me encanta wn, su voz me relaja tanto, a sido de gran ayuda en estos días grises <3

4 years ago - 9 Likes


its been almost 4 years. im still in love with this song

10 months ago - 1 Likes

Random_ Goose_Hjonk

i'm so swoon by this song 😍❤

4 years ago - 3 Likes

ava maria

why aren’t these on apple music?

2 years ago - 5 Likes

Natalie D

I love all your music goshhh

4 years ago - 3 Likes


she's so beautiful, i love her red hair .

4 years ago - 7 Likes


My grandma(homophobic): no boyfriend till your 18
Me: Laughs in bi

1 year ago - 1 Likes



4 years ago - 27 Likes