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4 days ago

Download Revolut with my link, use your card, and get £21: get.revolut.com/z4lF/Miniminter (End date and T&Cs apply) AD

553 |


4 days ago

lmao these miniminter vs chrismd edits are banging

5.6K |


4 days ago

simon doing almost an identical ad to chris for the same brand is I think the most iconic thing ever

8K |


4 days ago

Soccer aid looking at minister scoring world class goals: “🤓🤓 nah we’ll sub him on in the 70th minute”

3.2K |


4 days ago

Simon coming at the pitch after 70th minute is the biggest joke of this year

2.3K |


4 days ago

Not Castillo rubbing off on Ethan 🤣🤣 "Alright Simon brev" 😂😂😂

399 |


4 days ago

the wedding ring in the intro was colddddd

1.3K |


4 days ago

That’s officially one of my favorite videos you’ve done. The trolling on Chris… MASTERCLASS! Loved it bro!

644 |


4 days ago

Thought this was gonna be a sidemen challenge at his house

972 |


3 days ago

Simon vs Chris confirmed as the next big boxing fight.

326 |


4 days ago

“Simon brev” had me creasing 😂😂

95 |


4 days ago

These videos make you really realise that Chris' editors are just on another level

418 |


4 days ago

Crazy, he stopped appearing on Chris' channel and then nicked the concept and editing style 🤣🤣

422 |


4 days ago

To settle the beef, we need an ultimate Chris vs Simon Video, set of challenges do half for Chris channel and Simons channel, and have one absolute mega video to determine the best footballer once and for all

198 |


4 days ago

6:56 The fact that Simon has copied the almost exact same ad integration and knee sliding that Chris used just to slate him killing me! 🤣

108 |


3 days ago

Such a great video from start to finish, the jokes the ad and even the goals, now you need a rematch against tobi…

65 |


4 days ago

The intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

459 |


4 days ago

chris’s villain arc started right here.

67 |


4 days ago

Lmao the intro seemed SO nostalgic

187 |


4 days ago

Minter has upgraded. I used to think simon was the worst sideman, but seeing Simon genuinely makes my day. Big respect 🙏🙏

55 |

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