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Drake - First Person Shooter ft. J. Cole
56,273,111 Views • Nov 15, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Listen to For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition:

Director - Gibson Hazard
EP/Producer - Liam Akiva
EP - Christian Tyler
Executive Producer /Creative Direction- Drake, qJamil "Big Juice" 'Davis
Creative Direction - Jack Bannon & Reduciano 
Production Company - House of Hazard x Denim
Line Producer - Cam Frengopoulos & Alex Dall’Orso
Associate Producer - Jackie De Niverville
Production Manager - Trevor Evoy
Production Coordinator - Amber Warus
Cinematographer - Bobby Shore
1st AC - Dave Stuart
B-Unit Director - Nick Dean
Production Designer - Electa Porado
Gaffer - Jordan Heguy
Key Grip - Todd N Thompson
Editors - Gibson Hazard & Jack Bannon
Sound Design - Chris Smith & Jack Bannon
3D Animation Lead - Reduciano
VFX - Mathematic 
VFX - Karen Arakelian
VFX - Pendulum
VFX - Scissor Films
VFX - Black Hat
VFX - Aid6n.edits
Colourist - Dante Pasquinelli
Graphic Design - Alessandro Comotti
Special thanks to Scotiabank Arena, House of Hazard, OVO, Dreamville and Vanessa Hoffer
Metadata And Engagement

Views : 56,273,111
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Nov 15, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.933 (20,025/1,174,137 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2024-04-16T05:07:42.955864Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 weeks ago (edited)

Drake and Cole offered dude a peace treaty on some “we can share the era” shi and kdot said y’all can share 2nd place

13K |


3 weeks ago

I'm here again because of Kendrick

24K |


7 days ago

“yall got till april 7th to get yall sht together”

896 |


9 days ago

Cole: We the big 3 like we started a league.
Kendrick: And i took that personally

1.1K |


3 weeks ago

Drake the type of dude to call Cole and be like “oh no what now?”

5.5K |


5 months ago

Seeing Drake and Cole's journey from In The Morning to being on top of the world is inspiring. No matter how you put it, these are two of the greatest to ever do it

41K |


7 days ago

J Cole - "Just know if I diss you, I make sure you know that I hit you like Im on your caller ID." nahhhhhhhh

387 |


7 days ago

2:01 Cole's biggest regret is this line😂

660 |


5 months ago

Quite possibly the hardest video I’ve ever seen

52K |


5 months ago

Drake the type of guy to have his assistant set his bubble bath to an exact temp, dip one toe in and say “geez there’s nothing like this”

8.7K |


7 days ago (edited)

Drake's on his own now and Cole in this song aged like a banana with no peel 😭

240 |


6 days ago

J Fold capping in every bar

426 |


3 weeks ago

I know why you're back here. 😮
KDOT back!

4.6K |


2 months ago

drake really had to show what he meant by saying “BIG AS THE WHAT” 😂😂😂

2.6K |


7 days ago

this song don’t hit the same after J Cole apologised to K Dot 😭

421 |


6 days ago

Drakes beat switch up goes harder after Cole apologised

40 |


4 months ago

Drake and J Cole went off lyrically with this one and brought the importance of music videos back 🎵🔥🔥

13K |


2 weeks ago

"first person shooter, I hope they come wit 3 switches" damn Kdot

1.7K |


7 days ago

Every J Cole verse where he’s talking about being the best, doesn’t hit anymore.

308 |


3 days ago

This song will never hit the same😂

17 |

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