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Nazi Secrets (Full Episode) | Drain the Oceans
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6,596,134 Views • Dec 4, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
Hidden deep underwater is the untold story of how the Nazis waged a secret war across the world’s oceans.

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Nazi Secrets (Full Episode) | Drain the Oceans
   • Nazi Secrets (Full Episode) | Drain t...  

National Geographic
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Drain the oceans will forever be one of my favorite nat geo shows

384 |


1 year ago

One of the best WW II naval documentaries I've see in recent time. Thank you NatGeo for enabling us to watch this free.

563 |


1 year ago

I've always loved the Nat Geo documentaries over the years. But I really love the "Drain the Ocean" series. Technology today that helps find these underwater wrecks and then helps to scan them in 3-D like a model is just fantastic. I'm waiting for the tech that allows you to walk through these ships as if they were on the surface through some kind of hologram-ish type of thing projected down to the wreck, eliminating the danger of actually having to dive to it. Just a thought. 🤔 Anyways, loved the video and can't wait for more!! 😁👍

157 |


1 year ago

Really really very excellent JOB done by the whole team, Thanks for this.

18 |


1 year ago

I love it when they're like, "this nuclear power station that energizes over a million homes....well it's all in jeopardy if the diesel generators go out".

22 |


1 year ago

THANK YOU NAT GEO Channel for always presenting well made documentaries and not giving into those moronic so-called 'reality' shows. Every other channel that I used to watch like A&E, TLC, Discovery, etc have all gone straight down the into the garbage pile of bad programming. Thankfully I have your channel to enjoy the most interesting and well done programs.

83 |


1 year ago

National geography thank you for a wonderful documentary.

28 |


1 year ago

Such a wonderful documentary. Thanks Nat Geo 😘😘😘.

6 |


1 year ago

This is the best free entertainment. I used to watch you guys all the time on TV channel 12.

14 |


1 year ago

The "Heavy Water" story was made into a movie "The Heroes of Telemark" (1965)

24 |


1 year ago

A brilliant and educational video, thanks for uploading it

28 |


1 year ago

This is an awesome documentary, I enjoyed watching it so much.

58 |


1 year ago

Amazing video, very interesting and they did a great job! Will say though I don’t think ive ever heard the words “drain the ocean” more

4 |


1 year ago

Hey Nat Geo, thanks for always doing it big for us. I appreciate It all since I was a little boy.

17 |


1 year ago

Thanks for dropping this NG!

1 |


1 year ago

Thanks for posting this. I missed it when it aired on TV.

3 |


1 year ago

The “The heavy water war” is a really good dramatized series that includes a lot of the heavy water factory , and even covers the tragedy of this ferry!

78 |


1 year ago

Knowledge is power 💪💪💪 Brilliant to watch, I'm looking forward to the next 1 👍

48 |


1 year ago

Best documentaries .. keep it up Nat geo

8 |


1 year ago

The story of HMAS Sydney is a good example on why one should be careful even when faces something seemingly innocent. Concealed weapons are the scariest of all. You don't know what your enemy will pull out. If HMAS Sydney was on guard, she could have responded fast enough.

180 |

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